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The first cry is the proof we begin to live. We enter the world. In this period of our life we learn how to read, how to write, we begin to cooperate with others. Some people pretend it is the most beautiful period of our life. We do not have to think about our future, we have not any problems, we are free, we play and play on and on. I think it is true. If the childhood is a happy experience, life is often easier for us. The vision of the world and of the reality is completely different in the eyes of a child.Nearly every child does not realize of such notions as evil, unhappiness and so on. Apart from extreme cases the life of a child is really fascinating. Everyone of us is a sweet baby for our parents. Our parents insure us against all the dangers of the world. We are their pride and joy. That is why this is probably the most wonderful time of our existence.
[Arkadiusz Szymczak]

Wyświetleń: 2332

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