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Can the knowledge of Ancient culture be of any use to us?

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Can the knowledge of Ancient culture be of any use to us?

"How can they call you a dead language,
If you have survived and you have not withered".
That is what Julian Tuwim said about the Latin language. In this way he proved one more time that Ancient culture is timeless. Do we need to know it? Surely.
First and foremost I would like to say that Ancient culture is the basis for subsequent cultures. The entire Mediterranean culture was founded on Ancient culture. Ancient culture is a great mine of knowledge, it is the literature of Sophocles, Safo, Homer, the philosophy of Aristotle, Socrates, Platon and Horace, finally it is art. Nowadays the avages and maxims and still hold true. One often says "Carpe diem" "Seize the day", be delighted with all the moments of life. Horace said that he would never die "non omnis moriar". All the problems which were presented in the literature of Antiquity have always been relevant to humanity as well as mythological symbols which are still understandable to everyone. No one would like to experience the torments of Tantalus, everyone has his Achilles' heel.
The Latin language - a tool for communication of people of Antiquity is still alive. "Nuntil Latini" proves it. It is a collection of news from the Finnish radio in Helsinki. This periodic is a real platform between Antiquity and the world of today.
Besides, the knowledge of Latin can come in handy while learning other foreign languages of the Romance family have a lot in common with this language. The Mythology is a great source of knowledge about the beliefs of Greeks, about their daily life, their customs, the Greek traditions, interpersonal relations. And that is like in life: good alternates with evil, the mythology is not only an embodiment of joy, happiness and beauty. It will remain always in our minds as one of the most beautiful creations of the Greek imagination as well as a collection of timeless importance topics and symbols without which the Greek or Roman literature, painting or sculpture would not exist.
In conclusion I would like to say that thanks to ancient culture one can better understand the world which surrounds us. The masters of the antiquity, philosophers, poets asked themselves about the soul of the country, the role of man. The great and limitless imagination of the Greek, who lived 3000 years ago, has inspired minds of many people of subsequent epochs.
[Arkadiusz Szymczak]

Wyświetleń: 1253

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