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Your opinion on aggression and violence in the mass media.

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Your opinion on aggression and violence in the mass media.

Examples of aggression and violence often appear in the mass media. Aggression presented in serials, films becomes a real social problem. The mass media, modern style of life, change of the character of the social relations cause the growth of violence. The presentation of brutality, evil influence the growth of aggressive behaviours because it is always this strongest who is good at the same time. The young, whose outlook is not shaped yet, adopt models seen in bloody detective films. Children influenced by their heroes from the television are able to beat or even kill their peers. Tools one can see in their hands are the most frequently clubs or baseball sticks. Besides, the delinquency of the young people is not to such a large extent connected with a social situation of these people. Sometimes they want to impress their peers, be accepted by the others or show that they can do what they want to. The mass media often help them in this presenting adventures of Ťsuch personagesť as for example Rambo. But not only the television is to blame. Dysfunction of their homes, decay of fundamental values, departure from positive models are responsible for still growing violence as well. One knows the myth about evil done for good. Nevertheless people should be aware of the problem of evil that is able to affect our minds much more than examples of goodness. The mass media know about it very well. Pictures of aggression, perversion and violence give an easy outlet for bad emotions that are accumulated in us. Unfortunately living under the pressure, in our frustrated and stressful world cause that such examples of evil do not act as the ancient catharsis.
In spite of the fact that the mass media have a large influence on us, we can choose what we want to watch, as we are reasonable, simply we are human beings. But the truth is that such examples of aggression and violence can cause a great deal of evil to people whose attitudes are not developed and shaped, especially in case of children. In addition pictures of violence and aggression can create a social agreement for incorrect behaviours.
I would like to say by ending that one must be aware of the fact that violence means evil, evil that will invade our planet if one does not do anything in order to change it.
[Arkadiusz Szymczak]
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