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The adolescence.

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The adolescence

I think that the most important period of our life is the adolescence. Then we have got a lot of problems and we feel a little lost in this difficult world. In that time we think about our future and we look for our outlook on life. Undoubtedly the adolescence means problems with school, hitting it off with our parents. We want freedom, love, friendship and understanding but unfortunately we do not always get it. The confrontation with the reality is really difficult for some of us. When we are young, we receive all from our parents. They protect us from violence and evil. Everyone of us is a sweet baby for our parents. After it, at the age of the adolescence everything complicates. Then we have our own opinions we know what we want, we are different. Sometimes we go against the grain with our parents and do things they do not accept. We grow up gradually, we begin to do plenty of things on our account and that is one of the advantages we get. Why? Because thanks to it we become more independent, we venture out the world and by that way we face on our own a lot of problems. This is a period of quarreling with our parents on and on, we think them unbearable when they do not let us wear just like we want to or go out and return late. So, is the period really so palatial? Not so much as we must start thinking of our future, what we want to do and try to achieve that by hard work. What are we like? What are teenagers of our generation? There is a wide variety of behaviours. Some of us drink, smoke, play the fool, are ambitious, aware of their future, seek their fixed aim, have their hands in their pockets.
And the adolescence? Well, that is a difficult experience in our lives. Then we are scared of being flunked in our exam or weak are desperate when our girlfriend gives us up. We have a great many problems that seem to us to be unsolved. That is why some of us resolve on taking drugs or even try to suicide. They are weak, want the world to be easy whereas it is not at all. You need earn your living, start your own family. It is not as easy as it is cracked up to be. The life of an adult is difficult and you need to prepare yourself well to begin it. If not, we will be disappointed. In conclusion being a teenager, being young that is to realize, all of the sudden, all the problems of the world. That is to bawl each other out with our parents because then, we have got our own views. It is to forge our personality and that is surely the most tough. But we should not forget one thing: in all the galaxies there is perhaps only on earth where the life is. And we have got one thing that has occurred to us: we are born.
[Arkadiusz Szymczak]

Wyświetleń: 1789

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