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A favourite film.

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A favourite film.

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what it will happen to you" - so said the mother of the main character of the film of Robert Zemeckis entitled "Forrest Gump". The main character is a young man Forrest Gump who has an intelligence quotient of 76 points. He told the story of his life to accidentally met people on a bus stop in Savannah. It is not only interesting but also beautiful and moving. From his childhood he had problems with his peers, he was not accepted by them but regarded as a stupid boy with splint. His only kindred person, friend and afterwards the wife was Jenny. Like a Jerzy Kosinski's character from "Being there", Forrest Gump had in his life one authority - his mother. All the time he repeated her words and he was governed by them in his life. In the film Forrest Gump is acted by Tom Hanks. Forrest Gump was a champion of baseball, a soldier in the Vietnamese war as well as he made fortune on shrimps. Forrest Gump lives in a completely different world, but in spite of it he is extremely courageous while saving lives of his companions. He is a good, honest man, a gourmet of Dr Peppers drink and the owner of a great fish corporation. All his life he is regarded as a stupid man and he claims that stupid is someone who does everything stupidly. All the time he worries about his friend Jenny, he loves her very much. Soon after he marries her and they have a son Forrest junior, a wise and an intelligent boy. Forrest Gump is guided in his life by a rule that one should forget about the past when a new chapter of life begins. After his wife is dead, he comes to understand that death is a part of human existence and that everyone of us has his fate. I do not agree that Forrest is a stupid man but, quite the contrary, a very wise man, a young outsider, a representant of American society, a great optimist always looking on the bright side of human life.
His history of life is in the same time a history of American mentality, a romantic and amusing story of an extraordinary man who constitutes a proof that one does not have to be well-educated and intelligent to achieve fame, wealth and moreover, he proves that cheerfulness and optimism are also important in our life.
Tom Hanks received an Oscar for realistic acting of the character of Winston Groom - a writer of "Forrest Gump". Besides the producers of the film were awarded 6 Oscars. "Forrest Gump" arouse not only compassion but also laugh. It is a very moving film about a man who wrestles with adversities but first and foremost it is a comedy in which the main character gives us a recipe how to live to be happy and how to succeed. And Forrest Gump himself runs being chasing by other kids and suddenly he experiences a miracle - he begins to walk without splint and runs and runs until the end of his life. He is as fast as wind is. He started late to take part in a great race which is life. The point is - he arrived into the finishing line the first - he wins. He succeeded thanks to his attitude towards life. He never surrendered and with a smile on his face he was approaching his aim. He overcame a lot of obstacles, failures and said that the fate throws us here and there like leaves that move due to wind. But Forrest Gump is strong and holds on tightly, fights and finally wins.
"Forrest Gump" is one of the best films I have ever watched that encourages us to reflections.
[Arkadiusz Szymczak]

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