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Test konkursowy dla nastolatków - The Big Apple

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Test konkursowy - The Big Apple

Pyt. 1
The Big Apple is:

a) a nickname for New York City

b) a population of Mexicans in New York

c) a square in San Francisco

Pyt. 2
The first person who popularized the name was:

a) Joseph Conrad

b) John MacCalister

c) John J. Fitz Gerald

Pyt. 3
The name has been popular:

a) since the 1960s

b) since the 1950s

c) since the 1970s

Pyt. 4
The first usage of the name appears in the book:

a) The Wayfarer in New York

b) The 3 Men in New York

c) Londoners, Londoners

The name ''The Big Apple'':

a) is commonly used by different authorities

b) is just a metaphor in everyday conversations

c) is used only by New Yorkers

Pyt. 6
The name The Big Apple:

a) was used only one time in one of the books

b) was used for Central Park interchangeably

c) was a song, dance and it was also the name for 2 nightclubs

Pyt. 7
In 1664:

a) the Statue of Liberty was erected

b) New York was invaded by native Americans

c) the city was named in honour of the Duke of York

Pyt. 8
The capital city of the USA is:

a) New York City

b) Washington DC

c) Los Angeles

Pyt. 9
There are..............boroughs in New York:

a) 5

b) 7

c) 4

Pyt. 10
The most densly populated borough is:

a) Queens

b) Brooklyn

c) Manhattan

Pyt. 11
The most famous skyscraper in New York is:

a) the Sears Tower

b) the Empire State Building

c) the Time Warner

Pyt. 12
New York is located at :

a) the Colorado River

b) the Themes River

c) the Hudson River

Pyt. 13
Most of New York City is built on ........ :

a) 4 islands: Long Island, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx

b) 2 islands: Long Island, Manhattan

c) 3 islands: Long Island, Manhattan, Staten Island

Pyt. 14
The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of:

a) freedom, property and communism

b) freedom, capitalism and bordom

c) freedom, democracy and opportunity

Pyt. 15
Central Park is:

a) the biggest park in that city

b) one of the most famous parks in NYC

c) in San Francisco

Pyt. 16
The Rockefeller Center is renowed for:

a) placing a Christmas tree there

b) the NY Stock Exchange

c) the NY Botanical Gardens

Pyt. 17
The mentioned Christmas tree is usually:

a) a Norway spruce

b) a French pine

c) an Italian oak

Pyt. 18
The NY Stock Exchange is in:

a) Wall Street

b) Oxford Street

c) Washington Square Park

Pyt. 19
The Statue of Liberty immortalizes:

a) a girl with a lamp

b) a woman with a torch

c) a person with matches

Pyt. 20
The Statue of Liberty was :

a) was constructed by French sculptor F. A. Bartholdi

b) was designed in the South of the USA

c) a gift from the people of France to the people of the USA

1a, 2c, 3c, 4a, 5b, 6c, 7c, 8b, 9a, 10c, 11b, 12c, 13c, 14c, 15b, 16a, 17a, 18a, 19b, 20c
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