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Anglojęzyczna ankieta dla uczniów szkół średnich

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The questionnaire concerns your atitude to life issues.
Do your best and answer the questions! Choose only one answer!
1) Some teenagers skip classes. What do you think about this issue?
a) I find it problematic because the less you learn, the less you know
b) As far as I am concerned it is individual. It is not our business!
c) I am not knowledgeable about it so I can’t make a point!
2) ,,You’d better study abroad’, people say. Do you agree with such a view?
a) Yes, of course. There are more opportunities to embrace
b) Of course not! I am a patriot and I believe I have to support my homeland
c) I don’t think I will answer this question. It is not my cup of tea!
3) Capital punishment – are you for or against?
a) I don’t care. Let’s leave it !
b) I firmly have to say I can’t opt for it. Each life is precious
c) Let’s go with the flow! Every notorious criminal should be punished!
4) Endangered species must be kept in captivity. What is your opinion?
a) I agree. We should have them bred for future generations
b) I disagree. They are unique. Let them live at large
c) I don’t have the foggiest idea!
5) It is easy to be a prodigy child. Is it true?
a) I think so. If you are brainy, your family is proud of you
b) I think not. People look down on you because you are different
c) I don’t know. If I were you, I wouldn’t certainly know it
6) There is a ban on smoking in public places. Is it right?
a) It is up to you! Obey the law or give up!
b) It is not fair if someone, who is allergic to cigarettes, has to inhale the stink
c) Yes, it is for our own sake.
7) It is said that fewer and fewer people are taking drugs these days.
a) I guess so! Such a habit used to be popular in the 1980s
b) I don’t believe any speculation! TV news is full of similar information
c) Am I to belive it or not? I haven’t seen a drug addict so far.
8) I don’t mind piercing noses or tongues. What about you?
a) Personally I think it is disquisting! How to smell or eat with a hole in your body?
b) I am keen on piercing. You look like a member of the Masai tribe
c) Both I can’t accept it and I can’t contradict it!
9) Children prefer using smartphones to using laptops. Make your point!
a) I understand their stand. I am familiar with phones
b) I have never been into smartphones. It is all Greek to me but why not?
c) I hope I will never own a smartphone! I am too clumsy!
10) ,,Let’s sign up for a charity club’’, my form teacher advised. Would you agree?
a) It is a fantastic idea. I would rather be a good person than a self – centerd one
b) Volunteers are always bluffing ! Nobody is poor!
c) I would say : No way! It is a waste of time!
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