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Agnieszka Galica, 2013-06-03

Język angielski, Tematy maturalne

zakupy i usługi słownictwo (test)

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NAME: _____________________ Score: _____/ 70p .
Group 1 Food / Shops & Services - Vocabulary Test

1 Match the verb with the correct phrase and translate into Polish [ ____/ 10 p.]
1 melt a) meat
2 chop b) a campaign
3 lose c) a cake
4 bake d) onion
5 slice e) in a queue
6 pay f) about the service
7 book g) the table
8 complain h) in cash
9 launch i) some butter
10 wait j) weight

2 Guess the missing words. [ ____/ 20 p.]
1 An advertisement on TV is called a c________________.
2 A shop that sells notebooks, envelopes etc. is called a
3 A shop where you can buy fish is f________________
4 A shop where you can buy bread is b_________________
5 If somebody likes eating sweets we say this person has a
sweet __________________.
6 Things which you need to prepare food are called
7 A sharp thing which you use to cut meat, vegetables is a
8 If you can buy something cheaper it’s a b_____________.
9 To return a product to a shop, you need to show a r______.
10 A shop where you can buy medicine, toothpaste, shampoo
etc. is a ch________________.
11 A place where you pay in a supermarket is called a c_____
12 A type of money used in a country – c____________
13 You can buy fruit and vegetables at a g_____________.
14 If you are not satisfied with a product or service, you
can make a c________________.
15 A shop that sells magazines, papers and cigarettes is
called a n_____________.
16 Chinese people use c_______________ to eat.
17 I want to open a bank ___________ to keep my money there.
18 A little paper with information about something which you
usually get in the street is called a l________________.
19 To get a r________________ means to get your money back.
20 I need to get some money out of a cash m________________.

3 Write more examples, DON’T use the words which are given below, [ ____/10 p.]
1 MEAT – (4) chicken, bacon
2 COOKING VERBS – ( 6 ) bake, cook,
3 DAIRY PRODUCTS – (5) butter
4 FISH &SEAFOOD – ( 5) trout, sardine

4 Match the word from A with a word from B and translate
[ ____ /8 p.]
1 second a) eggs
2 junk b) pie
3 apple c) food
4 sparkling d) helping
5 chemical e) preservatives
6 a jar of f) water
7 scrambled g) bread
8 wholemeal h) strawberry jam

5 Choose the words from the list and complete the sentences.[____/ 14 p.]
vegetarian stir artificial season manager afford unhealthy rare stock barbecue saucepan spicy stale mild disgusting dessert tasty trendy
1 I’m a/an _______________________. I don’t eat meat.
2 She loves designer clothes but she simply can’t
_________________ to buy them. They are too expensive.
3 Tight jeans are very _______________ now. Everybody wants
to wear them!
4 This food here is very ____________ . I have never eaten
such a wonderful thing before!
5 This bread is ________ because I bought it five days ago.
6 It’s such a lovely day! Let’s have a/an ______________
in the garden. I love eating outside.
7 I’d like a pudding for a/an _________________________
8 Don’t eat too much fast food. It’s ________________.
You’ll have a heart disease.
9 Mexican food is very __________. I prefer something mild.
10 You must ____________ the dish every few minutes while
it's cooking.
11 I’m sorry but those dresses are out of ______________.
We don’t have any.
12 This dish is almost ready. Just _____________ it with
salt and pepper.
13 A: How would you like your steak? B: _________, please.
14 I use _________________ sweetener instead of sugar.

6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word.[______/8p.]
1 We’ve received this angry letter from a __________________ (SATISFY) customer.
2 I hope I can expect a ________________________ (COMPENSATE) for all the problems I suffered.
3 Try to avoid eating ___________________________ food. It’s unhealthy. (CONVENIENT).
4 The DVD is __________________ (FAULT). The film keeps stopping and starting.
5 I talked to the manager but he denied all ________________ (RESPONSIBLE).
6 I’m doing my shopping in this shop because they have a wide ____________________ (CHOOSE) of products and ________________ (REASON) prices.
7 I don’t like read meat, it’s ________________________ (FAT) and not good for your health.

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