Olga Sobotyk, 2013-04-30

Język angielski, Sprawdziany i testy


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Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednią formą czasownika w czasie
Present Continuous lub Present Simple.

I. What you (do) here now? — We (listen) tо CDs.
2. You (want) to see my father? — Yes, I ...
3. Michael (know) German rather well. He (want) to know English too, but he (have) little time for it now.
4. What magazine you (read)? — It (be) a French magazine. There (be) good articles on sports here. You (be) interested in sports? — Yes, I ... . But I (not know) French.
5. We (have) an English lesson now.
6. Lenka usually (prepare) her homework at the institute? — No, she ... . As a rule, she (work) at home. — And what she ( write) now? — Oh, she ( write) an article for our wall newspaper.
7. Who that man (be) who (stand) in the doorway? — You (not recognize) him? It (be) John, my cousin.
8. I (have) no time now, I (have) dinner.
9. Your family (leave) city in summer? — Yes, we always (go) to the seaside. We all (like) the sea. Mother (stay) with us to the end of August, but father ( return) much earlier.
10. Where Tom and Nick (be) now? — They (have) a talk in the garden.

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