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konkurs wewnątrzszkolny:"W świecie prozy angielskiej:Jane Eyre"

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Konkurs wewnątrzszkolny “W świecie prozy angielskiej: Jane Eyre”

1. How do Jane’s parents die?
(A) They had typhus fever.
(B) They were killed in a fire.
(C) They had a stroke.
(D) They committed suicide.

2. Where does Jane live after her parents’ death?

(A) Lowood
(B) Thornfield
(C) Gateshead
(D) London

3. What is the first name of Uncle Reed’s son?

(A) Edward
(B) Paul
(C) John
(D) Jack

4. How does Jane’s Aunt Reed punish her for fighting with her bullying cousin John?
(A) She makes her sleep outside in the cold.
(B) She makes her eat only burnt porridge.
(C) She makes her shine John’s shoes for a wee.k
(D) She locks her in the red-room.

5. Who first suggests that Jane be sent away to school?
(A) Mrs. Reed
(B) Mr. Brocklehurst
(C) Mr. Lloyd
(D) John Reed

6. Which teacher is kind to Jane at Lowood?
(A) Mrs. Scatcherd
(B) Miss Temple
(C) Mr. Brocklehurst
(D) Miss Ames

7. Who is unkind to Jane at Lowood?
(A) Miss Temple
(B) Helen Burns
(C) Mr Brocklehurst
(D) Mrs Fairfax

8. What is the name of Jane’s best friend in Lowood?
(A) Grace Pool
(B) Helen Burns
(C) Adela
(D) Diana Rivers

9. What does Jane do immediately after finishing her studies at Lowood?
(A) She answers an advertisement for a governess at Thornfield.
(B) She becomes a teacher there.
(C) She burns down the building.
(D) She is forced to wander penniless and starving across the moors.

10. Who welcomes Jane in Thornfield?

(A) Adela
(B) Mr Rochester
(C) Grace Poole
(D) Mrs Fairfax

11. What is the nationality of Jane’s pupil at Thornfield?
(A) Spanish
(B) German
(C) Jamaican
(D) French

12. Who sets the fire in Rochester’s bedroom?
(A) Jane
(B) Bertha
(C) Mrs. Fairfax
(D) Grace Poole

13. With whom does Jane believe Rochester is in love for most of her time at Thornfield?
(A) Herself
(B) Blanche Ingram
(C) Georgianna Reed
(D) Celine Varens

14. What has just happened to Mr. Mason the first time we encounter him?
(A) He has fallen from the roof.
(B) He has been injured.
(C) He has been poisoned.
(D) He has fallen in love.

15. Where did Rochester marry Bertha Mason?
(A) Jamaica
(B) Madeira
(C) St. Kitts
(D) Bermuda

16. How does Jane earn a living after leaving Thornfield?
(A) She paints.
(B) She writes and sells short stories.
(C) She becomes a governess at a different manor house.
(D) St. John Rivers finds her a teaching job in the town of Morton.

17. What is the name of the Riverses’ servant?
(A) Alice
(B) Bertha
(C) Hannah
(D) Persephone

18. What are St. John's sisters' names?

Elizabeth and Jane
Diana and Mary
Elinor and Marianne
Emma and Harriet

19. To which destination does St. John Rivers want Jane to accompany him as his wife and fellow missionary?
(A) India
(B) China
(C) The Congo
(D) Ireland

20. What does Jane do with the inheritance she receives from her uncle John Eyre?
(A) She divides it equally among her cousins the Rivers.
(B) She starts a school in the town of Morton.
(C) She sends it to Gateshead to comfort the Reeds for the death of their mother.
(D) She buys ball gowns and jewelry for herself.

21. Why does Jane refuse to marry St. John?

He is already married
He does not love her
She does not want to go to India
He sparkles

22. What are the names of the servants who care for Rochester at Ferndean?
(A) John and Clara
(B) Reginald and Mrs. Fairfax
(C) Mrs. Fairfax and Grace Poole
(D) John and Mary

23. What does Rochester lose in the fire at Thornfield?
(A) His hand and his eyesight
(B) His eyesight and his fortune
(C) His eyesight and his dog
(D) His fortune and his fiancée

24. What happens within the first ten years of Jane and Rochester’s marriage?
(A) A daughter is born.
(B) A son is born.
(C) A star is born.
(D) None of the above

25. In the end, where do Jane and Mr. Rochester live?


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