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Język angielski, Scenariusze

Scenariusz przedstawienia dla dzieci kl. III, szkoły podstawowej pt.:,,The keyhole

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Anna Strońska
Nauczyciel SP Mastki

DLA DZIECI KL. III PT.,, THE KEYHOLE'' (na podstawie podręcznika
z języka angielskiego- Footprints 3, autorstwa S. Marsland, G. Lazzeri, wyd. Pearson
Longman, 2008).

People in the play:

Leo (Le)
Miss Todd (MT)
Mandy (Ma)
Kalim (Ka)
Cinderella (C)
Children from class 3

Act I

The children are in the Queen's Palace.
Ka.: Hi, Leo! Who's this?
Le: This is my friend. His name's Amir.
Lucy's at the park. She's waiting for Kalim and Amir.
K: Hi, What's your name?
L: I'm Lucy!
K: How old are you?
L: I'm nine.

Ka: Leo, what's your favourite colour?
Le: Red.

Orange, green, blue,
Red for you!
Blue Owls together,
Good friends forever!

M: Maow!!!! Maoow?!!!
Q sings the song:

She's ten. She's got long blue hair. Who's this, Who's this...

Mandy is at the swimming pool. She's talking with Nick.
Ma: This is my secret club. The name's The Shadow.
N: Wow! There are some spiders and snakes. Can you read it?
Miss Todd is at the cinema. She's talking with Cinderella.
MT: Oh, Hello!
C: Hello!
MT: Where do you live?
C: 25, West Street.
MT: What's your telephone number?
C: 01356721996.
MT: Have you got a pet?
C: Yes, I have. I've got a cat. Her name's Mitzy.

Lucy and Kim are near the Buckingham Palace.
L: The Queen lives there.
K: Yes. She likes cats.
L: What time is it?
K: Mm. It's five o'clock.

Children from class 3 say the chant:

It's one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four.
Five o'clock, six o'clock, seven o'clock, clock.
It's eight o'clock, nine o'clock, ten o'clock, clock.
Eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock. CLOOOOOO!!!!CK.

It's Sunday. Nick is outside The Queen's Palace.
N: OK. Monday one goldfish, Tuesday no goldfish.
Two goldfish on Thursday. That's three goldfish! Hmm.

Cinderella and Mitzy sing the song:

Monday, Monday,
Get up early!
Go to school! Go to school!
Tuesday, Tuesday!
I go swimming at the pool.
Wednesday, Wednesday.
It's half way day.
Thursday, Thursday.
We all go outside to play.
Friday, Friday
In the evening, I can say:
It's the weekend, weekend.
I'm so happy when it's near.
The weekend! Thw weekend!
I'm so happy when I know

It's the weekend!

Act II

Amir and Leo are in The Queen's garden.
A: Blue owls! There are three goldfish in the boxes.
Queen enters..

Q: What? Goldfish??
C: Are they strong?
Q: No, they aren't.
C: Are they beautiful?
Q: Yes, they are.

Kalim and Mandy are in a tunnel.
Ka: Oh, It's cold.
Ma: And it's windy. Let's go!

Nick is talking to Miss Todd. Amir is taking photos.
A: Blue Owls! Nick is here again.
L: what's he doing?
A: He's buying the goldfish. Wow!

Kalim and Mandy are in another room.

Ma: What's this?
Ka: Is it a puzzle?
Ma: Yes.
Ka: It's the four seasons, Kalim: sPRING, sUMMER, aUTUMN, WINTEr. LoooooooooK!!!!

Cinderella and The Queen are in town.
They looking for Mitzy...

C: Where's the police station?
Q: I don't know. There isn't a zoo.
C: Yes, there is.
Q: there isn't a school.
C: Yes, there is.
Q: There isn't a toy shop.
C: Yes, there is, Oh! Yes, there is.


Amir, Leo, Kim and Lucy are in the zoo.

A: Let's go to the Palace.
Le: No, not the palace.

K: Let's go to the toy shop.
All: Good idea.

Mandy, Kalim and the Blue Owls are in the toy shop.

N: Congratulations. The door is open. Look inside!
There's award.
The goldfish can swim!
MT: Do you want to play volleyball?
Ma: Yes, I do.

Cinderella and The Queen are opposite the cafe.

C: Go straight on.
Q: Turn left.
C: Turn right.
Q: It's opposite the park. What is it?

Children: THE TOY SHOP !!!

Do you want to go to the beach?
It's a lovely sunny day.
Do you want to swim in the sea?
We can have fun and play.

The Blue Owls: Let's go home and have a party.

Wyświetleń: 1690

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