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Język angielski, Scenariusze

A Missing...Cooker. A play to act. Scenariusz przedstawienia z języka angielskiego dla uczniów klasy 6, szkoły podstawowej. skiego dla uczniów klasy 6, szkoły podstawowej.

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Anna Strońska
Nauczyciel SP Mastki

A Missing... Cooker. A play to act.

Scenariusz przedstawienia z języka angielskiego dla uczniów klasy 6, szkoły podstawowej. (na podstawie podręcznika New Friends 3, C. Skinner, M. Bogucka, wyd. Pearson Longman, 2007
oraz dramatu W. Szekspira pt.: Romeo i Julia).

People in the play:

Shirley Holmes
Children from class: 6
Chores: Mrs Smith (the English Teacher) and the History teacher
Girl 1
Boy 1
Girl 2
Boy 2
Narrator- Shakespeare
Narrator 1

Act I

Breakfast time at Shirley Holmes's house.
Narrator 1: Today we're going to tell you a story about two famous detectives: Shirley Holmes
and George Clueless.
Chores: And about you and me, of course !
Girl 1: Right, we're ready to start! Who's first?
Boy 1: Um, the teacher?? Where are you?!!!
Narrator- Shakespeare enters. He's holding a bunch of flowers and he is smiling.
Narrator: O, Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo.
Suddenly, he start to cry on the chair...
Boy 1 pours milk and puts sugar (pieces of paper) on the narrator.
Boy 2: There's somebody at our door.
Girl 1: Why don't we open the door?
Holmes: A clever suggestion, Magda!
Chores comes onto the stage and sing. They point at Romeo and Juliet as they sing.
Chores: He's Clueless.
She's Holmes.
They're detectives.
They're stars.
We're the stars.
Romeo: When there's a moon
What do we do?

What do we do?
We look for....CLUES.....
Juliet: I'm the housekeper. And...they're the stars (she points at choires).
This is he best History lesson I've ever had!
Chores: He's Clueless.
She's Holmes.
They're detectives.
They're stars.
Mrs Smith opens the door. Romeo and Juliet walk into the room.
Clueless: What are you going to sing?
Holmes: I'm going to sing: I'll always love you....
Clueless: Come along, then. Don't be shy.
Holmes: That's right. We're all friends here.
You're a brilliant detective!
Narrator comes forward.
Narrator: What's in a name? That's which we call a rose by any oher name would smell as sweet.
He starts to lick his lips....

Act II

The Kitchen. Live TV- Cookery Show.
Chores: We were great!!!
Girl 1: I'm sure we'll win!
Boy 1: I could never eat a whole lemon. It's extremely sour.
Girl 1: How much sugar have you put in my tea? It's much too sweet!
Boy 2: Er,...next.
Mrs Smith: The dustpan, the washing mashine, the vaccum cleaner... What? A zebra crossing
in my garden????!!!!!!!?
What? ?? ! Where's my cooker?
Romeo: Where's my rose?
Juliet: Romeo, did you watch the football match last night?
Holmes: Where's my fishing boat?
Chores: Where's? Where's? Where's?!!!
I hate the smell of this fish.
I think it's stinking....
Boy 2: Will we...?
Girl 2: What?
Boy 2: Will we... go fishing together?
Girl 2: I like fresh vegetables that come straight from my garden.
Narrator: For never was a story of more woe that this of Juliet and her Romeo.
Clueless: He turns to Boy 2: See how she leans her cheek upon her hand!
Romeo and Juliet turn to the audience and sing:
Romeo: To make the sauce, mix the orange juice and salt.
Juliet: On your nose, on your nose, on your nose.
Romeo: And this is Boy 1, Boy 1, Boy 1.
Juliet: He's the biggest star. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
Girl 1: This model of Alfa Romeo is much faster than yours.

Boy 1: You knew about the Cooker in this play, Magda, didn't you?
Someone knocks at the door.
Girl 1: There's someone at our door!
Boy 1: Why don't we open the door?
Chores opens the door. They walk into the room.
Clueless: Hello, Capuletti!
Holmes: Who is Capuletti?
Clueless: That's me, Holmes.
Holmes: Then Girl 1 is your daughter?
Clueless: Oh, you're a clever detective, Holmes, aren't you?
He kisses her and runs out of the room. Mrs Smith leaves the stage.
Narrator comes.
Narrator: The two boys went to the school to look for the cooker.
Narrator: They went to see Mrs Smith in her English classroom.
Girl 1: Have I met you before? I can't remember...
Girl 2: No, but we're come to find the missing ...cooker.
Enters Boy 1. He shouts luodly:
Boy 1: We' ve found Mrs Smith's Cooker!!!
Mrs Smith: You see, Boy 1 and Boy 2. You are great detectives. You are stars.
Holmes: Well, thank you, Mrs Smith.
For you and I are past our dancing days!


The cloakroom at Mastki School. (Polish version of Museum Madame Tussaud's in London).

Magda (Girl 1 from class 6): Romeo, where are you?
Michał: (Boy 1 from class 6): And your names are...?
Magda: Wow! Marylin Monroe, Luciano Pavarotti, Mell Gibson.
Mrs Smith: (putting her arm around Magda): Well, Yes, I did. My son, Romeo, told me.
Patryk (Boy 2): Romeo, Juliet, Clueless, Holmes... What's the matter?
Mrs Smith: My Cooker doesn't work.
Narrator opens the cooker.
Narrator: O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore srt thou Romeo.
Juliet: My Cooker is in class 6 and it is in the play.
Girl 1: This is interesting.. What's in here?
Boy 2: What's in a name? That which we call a rose.
Girl 2: It is a play by class 6.
Boy 2 (turns to Clueless): Please help us!
Clueless: Don't worry. You will have the invitation tomorrow.
Chores: (with surprise): Tomorrow???! It's too late. Too late, too late.
Mrs Smith pours milk and sugar over the Juliet.
Romeo: Deny the father and refuse they name!
Juliet: Oh, dear. This tea isn't as sweet enough for me, Mrs Smith.

In the school Hall.

Narrator: My only love spring from my only hate!
Holmes and Clueless have come to see a play at school.
Girl 1: The Mystery Cooker by class 6.
Boy 1, Girl ! And Girl 2 come onto the stage.
Girl 2: Let's open it.
Girl 1: I'm scared.
Boy 2: Don't be silly! I'm going to open it!
Romeo: Aah!!!
Juliet: What is it? She opens The Cooker and pulls out.... a fishing boat.
Holmes (shouting): Ahh!!!It's a fishing boat! Stop the play! Stop!!!
All the people in the play come onto the stage and sing. They point at Clueless as they sing.
All: O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo!
Holmes and Clueless: My Cooker is missing! What can we do?
All: We want to find, find it, Holmes. But we hanen't got a clue!
What can we do?
What can we do?
Where's my Romeo?
Holmes and Clueless: Oh, Juliet, Juliet! Where's your Romeo!

The end


1. William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, edit. By Brian Gibbons, Seng Lee Press, Singapore, 2008.
2. Lawrence Edward Bowling, The Thematic Framework of Romeo and Juliet. MLA, 1946.

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