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Five thousand rock fans, including myself, took their lives into their own hands and entered the Spodek Venue to witness the bizarre actions of one of hard rock’s most legendary individuals Ozzy Osbourne. On hearing the opening notes, I knew it was the night I would remember for years to come. However, the very first thing I focused on after the gig started was the band’s guitarist - Zakk Wylde, who turned out to be the real star on this special night. He was standing just two metres away on a simple stage with a blood-red backdrop as the only decoration. The background to the view was provided by the huge stacks of Marshalls placed just behind Wylde’s back on both sides of the stage. The musician is a well-built, medium tall person with pale complexion. The air coming from the electric fan blew his long, blond hair back from his low forehead. He is a natural-born showman and that night’s performance proved it right. He did his share of headbanging and prancing with an indelible smile on his face. As for clothing, he wore skin tight denim trousers and a sleeveless leather jacket crammed with studs, badges and chains. Computerized lights, spots, fades and big beams lit up his silhouette front and back throughout the set. He played every song (even the slower ones) with his silver Gibson Les Paul guitar and his out of this world solos put him easily in the same league as his all-time heroes Eddie Van Halen and Tony Iommi. He is rightly valued not only for his excellent guitar playing but also for his charismatic and down-to-earth personality, and he was an absolute superstar on that night.

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