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Maria Król, 2011-05-24

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Is it worth watching?

- n +

1. Put the words into the gaps:
based on, set, plot, directed by, dubbed, stars

1. The Pianist was ………………………… by Roman Polański.
2. I don’t like …………………………… films. I always watch the subtitled version.
3. The movie is ………………………………. the book.
4. The film is ……………………………… in the ancient Rome.
5. In Pirates of the Carribean, Johny Depp ……………………………… as Jack Sparrow.
6. I didn’t like the movie because the ………………………………… was very complicated.
2. Read the plot of the film “Under the Tuscan Sun” and answer the questions below:
Frances Mayes is a San Francisco writer. One day she finds out that her husband has been cheating on her. The divorce leaves her depressed so her best friend Patti convinces her to take an Italian vacation to Tuscany. At first Frances refuses, but then, after a depressing day in her new, gloomy apartment, she decides that it is a good idea to get away for a little while. In Tuscany, while stopping in a small town she sees a notice about a villa for sale in Cortona. Through a series of unexpected events she becomes the owner of a lovely but dilapidated building. From this point her life begins anew with a variety of interesting situations and people. She hires a crew of Polish immigrants to renovate the house. Over time, Frances makes friends with her Italian neighbours, her Polish workers and the estate agent who sold her the villa. Later, she meets Marcello – a handsome Italian but their relationship doesn’t last too long. When she is about to give up on happiness, two young people come to her for help. Eventually, she finds the fulfillment she was searching for in a wedding at the villa, where she also meets an American writer who is travelling in Tuscany.
gloomy – dark, especially in a way that makes you feel sad
notice – information
dilapidated – old and in very bad condition
begin anew – start to live in a different place, especially after a difficult period in your life
hire – employ
crew – a group of workers
renovate – to repair a building so that it is in good condition again
fulfillment – the feeling of being happy and satisfied with your life

1. Which grammar tenses are used to describe the plot?
2. Why does Frances go to Italy?
3. Is the house she has bought in good condition?
4. What do the Polish immigrants do there?
5. Does the film finish with the happy end?

3. Read the film review. Match paragraphs I – III with their descriptions a – c.


I …..




A film I’ve seen recently

The title of the film I’ve seen recently is Under the Tuscan Sun. It is based on the novel written by Frances Meyes. It’s about an American woman – Frances who comes to Italy and buys and old house there. The film was released in 2003. It is directed by Audrey Wells, it stars Diane Lane and it is set in Tuscany in the present day.

I like the film because it’s positive and uplifting and it makes me smile every time I watch it. My favourite part is when Frances and Marcello meet for the first time in Rome and they go to meet Marcello’s family.

Although the plot is rather simple and there are some clichés, the film is worth watching because of beautiful landscapes, Italian culture and lifestyle. I really recommend it if you want to see a warm, romantic film.

-Your opinion of the film
-Your favourite part/characters

-The title
-What it’s about
-Who it was directed by
-Who stars in it
Where it’s set

-Other information
-Do you recommend it?

cliché - stereotype
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