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Elżbieta Bernaś, 2011-05-09
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Język angielski, Ćwiczenia

Grammar review - ćwiczenia gramatyczne

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1. Zakreśl kółkiem poprawną odpowiedź.

1) A: You ... very beautiful today.
B: Thanks.
A) are looking B) look C) looks
2) A: Are you ... anything tonight?
B: No, I’m not.
A) do B) does C) doing
3) A: When ... she leaving for Warsaw?
B: On the 5th of July.
A) does B) has C) is
4) I’ve never met ... nice people before.
A) so B) so that C) such
5) A: Where is my wallet?
B: If you ... in the drawer, you’ll find it.
A) had looked B) look C) looked
6) Try ... more water if you want to feel better.
A) drink B) to drink C) drinking
7) It is his dream ... a vet.
A) becoming B) become C) to become
8) You should stop ... your nails, it’s a nasty habit!
A) to bite B) bite C) biting
9) Let’s go home! There’s ... interesting here at the party.
A) somebody B) anybody C) nobody
10) I’ve always dreamt of ... my own boutique.
A) to open B) opening C) open
11) I haven’t seen a good film on TV for ...
A) last year B) months C) I left school
12) He tried ... the heavy boxes but he couldn’t.
A) to lift B) lift C) lifting
13) A: Mum shouted at me today.
B: Well, if you ... her favourite mug, she wouldn’t have shouted at you.
A) didn’t break B) hadn’t broken C) don’t break
14) A: Paul lost his watch.
B: Well, if he had looked after it, he ... it.
A) wouldn’t lose B) won’t lose C) wouldn’t have lost
15) ... you hurry, you will miss the bus.
A) Unless B) Providing C) Supposing
16) Our apple trees ... in the spring.
A) will bloom B) will have been blooming C) will be blooming
17) We hope our son ... the poetry contest next week.
A) will win B) will have won C) will have been winning
18) This time next Friday, we ... on the beach.
A) will be lying B) will have been lying C) will lie
19) My parents think they ... in the country for the rest of their life.
A) will have been living B) will live C) will have lived
20) Behave yourself or else I ... you to the cinema tomorrow.
A) won’t be taking B) won’t take C) won’t
21) Jenny was playing tennis with her friend when the storm ... .
A) was breaking B) broke C) has broken
22) A: Why are you so tired?
B: I ... basketball all afternoon.
A) have been playing B) was playing C) played
23) Dr Smith ... three patients so far this morning.
A) has seen B) saw C) was seeing
24) A: How long has Stacy been writing short stories?
B: ... she was 16 years old.
A) Until B) Since C) When
25) How long ago ... working for this company?
A) have you started B) did you start C) were you starting
26) Mary ... on the phone all morning and hasn’t done any work.
A) has been talking B) was talking C) talked
27) The boys were playing football while their father ... the lawn.
A) was mowing B) has mowed C) mowed
28) She hardly ... any housework.
A) doesn’t do B) hasn’t done C) does
29) If I were rich, I ... around the world.
A) will travel B) can travel C) could travel
30) ... we get up on time, we will catch the bus.
A) Supposing B) Providing C) Unless
31) If she hadn’t watched that horror film, she ... nightmares.
A) wouldn’t have had B) won’t have C) don’t have
32) A: Have you seen Peter lately?
B: No, If I have time, I ... him tomorrow.
A) would visited B) might visit C) visit
33) ... I open the window? I can see you are hot.
A) Will B) Shall C) Should
34) They go to the cinema ... .
A) every week B) at the moment C) usually
35) ... you seeing George tomorrow night?
A) Do B) Are C) Is

2. Podkreśl właściwą odpowiedź.

1. He forgot pay/ to pay the bills this month.
2. The last time I saw Alan he denied losing/ lose my MP3 player.
3. We could see people swimming/ to swim in the lake.
4. At one o’clock, we stopped have/ to have lunch and then continued our trip.
5. My younger sister hopes she will have passed/ will pass all the exams with excellent grades.
6. Tom hopes he will have returned/ will have been returning home by Thursday evening.
7. After David passes his final exams, he will leave/ will have left for New York.
8. My best friend claims to have seen/ to seeing the President of the USA, but I don’t believe him.
9. I have been living in this district for/ since the last four years.
10. He acted as if he owns/ owned this house.
11. If only you had/ had told me, I would have understood.
12. It’s high time you learnt/ had leant how to cook.
13. I’d rather you hadn’t misbehaved/ didn’t misbehave at the party last night.
14. It’s about time we employed/ had employed some new staff.
15. They prefer/ are preferring to go on holiday in spring when there aren’t so many people.
16. No wonder the phone bills are so high! You always talk/ are always talking on the phone!
17. I wish I went/ had gone to the library yesterday.
18. If he will finish/ finishes work early, he may go to the opera.
19. He hasn’t finished/ hasn’t been finishing his book yet.
20. She has already watched/ has been already watching a film on TV.
21. Did your grandfather use to went/ go bird watching when he was a young man?
22. Carol’s sister has been/ was in hospital since Tuesday.
23. Lisa has been working/ worked for us since 2009.
24. If I went/ would go to bed earlier, I wouldn’t be late for work so often.
25. The teacher was giving / gave the students a test when the headmaster came/ was coming into the classroom.
26. My father has been working/ used to work as a coal miner five years ago.
27. If Tom should/ would call, tell him I’m busy.
28. If they were taking/ had taken the map with them, they wouldn’t have got lost.
29. If the car alarm goes off/ is going off, press this button to stop it.
30. If Sue has invited us to her party, we should buy/ buy her a present.

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