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Konkursu Wiedzy o Stanach Zjednoczonych

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1. Which future U.S. President drafted the Declaration of Independence?
A) George Washington
B) John Adams
C) Thomas Jefferson
D) James Madison

2. Which future U.S. President drafted the Declaration of Independence?
A) one
B) two
C) three
D) four

3. What did Great Britain do by signing the Peace of Paris?
A) Recruit French troops
B) Declare war against the American colonies
C) Trade supplies with France
D) Recognize the independence of the American colonies

4. Two U.S. Presidents died on July 4, 1826, 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Who were they?
A) George Washington and John Adams
B) John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
C) Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
D) James Madison and James Monroe

5. Presidents often become writers after leaving office, but which President won a Pulitzer Prize in 1957 for writing a book before he became President?
A) Dwight Eisenhower
B) John F. Kennedy
C) Lyndon Johnson
D) Richard Nixon

6. What occupation did George Washington and Jimmy Carter have in common?
A) Lawyer
B) Sailor
C) Farmer
D) Teacher

7. What is the name of the President's office?
A) Circular Office
B) Square Center
C) Triangle Corner
D) Oval Office

8. President Bush often flies on a plane provided by the Air Force. What is the name of the airplane?
A) American Flyer
B) Air Force One
C) President's Plane
D) Marine One

9. The United States flag has many nicknames. One of them is Stars and Stripes.
Which of the following is also nickname for the flag...
A) Oh, Beautiful
B) Old Glory
C) Wavy Blue
D) Red, White and Blue

10. What does the "W" stand for in President George W. Bush's name?
A) Washington
B) Walker
C) Winston
D) William

11. Who was the first President to live in the White House?
A) George Washington
B) John Adams
C) Thomas Jefferson
D) James Madison

12. What is the name for the beginning of the Constitution?
A) Preamble
B) The Bill of Rights
C) Introduction
D) Article 3

13. What is the Bill of Rights?
A) First Ten Amendments to the Constitution
B) Last Ten Amendments to the Constitution
C) The first paragraph of the Constitution
D) The main ideas in the Declaration of Independence

14. The Constitution divides the government into three branches. Which one of these is not a branch?
A) Legislative
B) Executive
C) Judicial
D) Commercial

15. Which first lady lived in the White House the longest?
A) Martha Washington
B) Mary Lincoln
C) Eleanor Roosevelt
D) Nancy Reagan

16. During the Great Depression, First Lady Bird Johnson received a wedding ring for?
A) $250
B) $2.50
C) $25
D) $2500

17. Which President met his bride at a barbecue and married her three months later?
A) Theodore Roosevelt
B) Calvin Coolidge
C) Harry Truman
D) George W. Bush

18. Which rock-in-roll sensation did President Richard Nixon welcome to the White House?
A) The Beatles
B) Elvis Presley
C) The Supremes
D) Buddy Holly

19. What is the difference between the president’s chair and the other chairs in the Cabinet Room?
A) Different Color
B) Taller
C) Features the Presidential Seal
D) Signed by George Washington

20. Whose wife become Jacqueline Kennedy after the death of the president J. F. Kennedy?
A) Aristotle Onassis
B) Telly Savalas
C) Rudolph Valentino
D) Franco Zeffirelli

21. Barack Obama was Senator of which state?
A) Iowa
B) Virginia
C) Illinois
D) Denver

22. What is the name of the the B-29 Superfortress bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb on the territory
of Japan?
A) Enola Gay
B) Air Force One
C) Bald Eagle
D) Yankee Doodle

23. How old must be a candidate for the president?
A) 35
B) 25
C) 30
D) 45

24. Whose real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson (Baker)?
A) Grace Kelly
B) Elisabeth Taylor
C) Marilyn Monroe
D) Lisa Minnelli

25. The Liberty Bell cracked when it was rung?
A) for the first time
B) for the second time
C) for the third time
D) for the fourth time

26. What was the second name of Elvis Presley?
A) Abraham
B) Aaron
C) Anthony
D) Adam

27. How much did USA pay for Alaska?
A) 1000$
B) 10000$
C) 100$
D) 10$

28. When did Christopher Columbus discovered America?
A) 1498
B) 1496
C) 1494
D) 1492

29. From whom did USA bought Florida in 1819?
A) France
B) Spain
C) Mexico
D) Netherland

30. When do the American citizens celebrate Thanksgiving?
A) last Thursday in October
B) second Monday in October
C) last Tuesday in November
D) last Thursday in November

31. Which organization is responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks?
B) Al-Qaeda
D) Hezbollah

32. Which mission of Apollo landed on the Moon?
A) Apollo7
B) Apollo13
C) Apollo11
D) Apollo16

33. Give the name of the Space Shuttle which had a structural failure during re-entry in 2003 February 1 and as a result broke apart?
A) Columbia
B) Soyuz 11
C) Challenger
D) Apollo 1

34. Who is the only individual to win seven times the Tour de France, from 1999 to 2005 ?
A) Neil Armstrong
B) Louis Armstrong
C) David L. Armstrong
D) Lance Armstrong

35. What is the name of a heavyweight boxer, whom MikeTyson tore off the top of his ear known as the helix and spitting the flesh out on the ring, during the fight?
A) Evander Holyfield
B) Andrzej Gołota
C) Lennox Lewis
D) George Foreman

36. What is the name of the Italian designer of both clothing and theater costumes who in July 15,1997, was gunned down outside his ocean-front mansion in Miami Beach, Florida. He was murdered by Andrew Cunanan
A) Oscar de la Renta
B) Gianni Versace
C) Yves Saint Laurent
D) Pierre Cardin

37. What was the last presidential election in the USA?
A) 4th November 2008
B) 5th November 2008
C) 6th November 2008
D) 7th November 2008

38. When is Barack Obama taking the presidential office?
A) 20 December 2008
B) 30 December 2008
C) 20 January 2009
D) 30 January 2009

39. What is Obama’s second name?
A) Mohamed
B) Hussein
C) George
D) John

40. Where was Barack Obama born?
A) New York
B) Washington
C) Los Angeles
D) Honolulu

41. What is Obama’s Alma mater?
A) Harvard
B) Princeton
C) Yale
D) Columbia

42. What is Barack Obama’s wife’s name?
A) Susannah
B) Jenny
C) Barbara
D) Michelle

43. Which states is Route 66 coming through?
A) Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota
B) Illinois, Indiana, Ohio
C) Arizona, New Mexico, Texas
D) Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming

44. What is the name of the hurricane that destroyed New Orleans in 2005?
A) Katrina
B) Andrew
C) Wilma
D) Ike

45. Which islands belong to Hawaii?
A) Cat Island, Eleuthera, Long Island
B) Kauai, Oahu, Maui
C) Kiska, Segula, Rat
D) Elliott Key, Adams Key, Reid Key

46. Which state is called the Land of 10,000 Lakes
A) Montana
B) California
C) Wyoming
D) Minnesota

47. Which Island doesn’t belong to U.S. Virgin Islands?
A) Saint Thomas
B) Saint John
C) Saint Croix
D) Alcatraz

48. Where is the Disney Concert Hall?
A) in New York
B) in Los Angeles
C) in Miami
D) in Las Vegas

49. In which city in the USA you can see an Eiffel Tower Replica?
A) Chicago
B) Las Vegas
C) Dallas
D) Philadelphia:

50. Where can you visit the World’s Largest Store: Macy’s?
A) Las Vegas
B) Washington
C) Miami
D) New York

51. The date of American Revolution is…
A) 1775-1781
B) 1776-1786
C) 1861-1865
D) 1929-1934

52. The date of Civil War is…
A) 1929-1934
B) 1776-1786
C) 1775-1781
D) 1861-1865

53. Sometimes USA because of its diversity of nations living there is described as…
A) Huge Pan
B) Salad Pot
C) Melting Pot
D) Melting Pan

54. How many departments is Congress divided into?
A) 19
B) 17
C) 21
D) 14

55. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in the year
A) 1974
B) 1958
C) 1968
D) 1986

56. The “Pilgrims” who wanted to escape prosecution in Britain came to USA on the ship Mayflower came in
A) 1679
B) 1494
C) 1620
D) 1520

57. When the “Boston Massacre” took place?
A) 1679
B) 1770
C) 1776
D) 1777

58. Whose speech began with the words “I have a dream…”
A) Abraham Lincoln
B) Martin Luther King
C) Martin Luther
D) Bill Clinton

59. The most known park in Manhattan is
A) Central Park
B) West Side Park
C) Rockefeller Park
D) Yellowstone Park
60. A famous street where you can find many theatres
A) Broadway
B) 5th Avenue
C) Wall Street
D) Hollywood Boulevard

61. The place where you can find the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange is
A) Broadway
B) 5th Avenue
C) Wall Street
D) Hollywood Boulevard

62. The first NY skyscraper’s name is…………….and it was built in 1902
A) The Sears Tower
B) The Chrysler Building
C) The Empire State Building
D) The Flatiron Building

63. The name of the house in front of which John Lennon was killed is
A) Graceland
B) Memphis Recording Studio
C) The Dakota
D) The Empire State Building

64. When was John Lennon killed?
A) 8 December, 1970
B) 8 December, 1990
C) 18 December, 1980
D) 8 December, 1980

65. Who had an affair with Bill Clinton?
A) Jacquelyn Onassis
B) Merlin Monroe
C) Monika Lewinski
D) Sophia Loren

66. Where was the Declaration of Independence and Constitution signed?
A) New York
B) Philadelphia
C) Washington
D) Seattle

67. From whom USA bought New Orlean in 1803?
A) Germany
C) France
D) Mexico

68. The name of the river on which sailed Huckleberry Finn and Jim?
A) Rio Grande
B) Missouri
C) Mississippi
D) Hudson River

69. When was Elvis Presley born?
A) 1935
B) 1939
C) 1945
D) 1963

70. What town is called “Little Hawana”?
A) New York
B) Miami
C) Washington
D) San Francisco

71. The name of the town where president Kennedy was assassinated?
A) Denver
B) Los Angeles
C) Dallas
D) Brookline

72. Where was Abraham Lincoln killed?
A) in a cinema
B) in a factory
C) in The White House
D) in the theatre

73. The fall of which tribe is presented in “Apocalypto” directed by Mel Gibson?
A) Incas
B) Mayas
C) Aztecs
D) Indians

74. Who violated the treaty saying that the Black Hills belong to the Indians leading his troops into the Black Hills in 1874?
A) General Lee
B) General Custer
C) General Grant
D) General Paton

75. The place where Mexicans surrounded settlers from USA who rebelled (and all 188 people died) against Mexico in 1836 is:
A) Alamo
B) San Jacinto
C) San Diego
D) San Sebastian

76. The “City of lights” or the “Adult Disneyland“ described the town of
A) Las Vegas
B) New York
C) Seattle
D) San Francisco

77. Which state of USA is Barack Obama representing?
A) Texas
B) Illinois
C) Alabama
D) New York

78. “Pueblo” is the Spanish word for?
A) village
B) house
C) town
D) capital city

79. The largest state of USA
A) Texas
B) California
C) Alaska
D) Maine

80. San Francisco was hit by an earthquake on
A) September 17, 1989
B) October 17, 1989
C) October 17, 1999
D) September 17, 1999

81. Which famous naval base is on Hawaii?
A) Midway
B) Pearl Harbour
C) Guantanamo Bay
D) Coronado

82. When was Pearl Harbour attacked by Japan?
A) 9 sierpnia 1945
B) 7 czerwca 1942
C) 6 sierpnia 1945
D) 7 grudnia 1941

83. What was the name of a ice hockey club where Mariusz Czerkawski played?
A) Detroit Red Wings
B) NY Islanders
C) NY Rangers
D) New Jersey Devils

84. Who was the only Polish James Bond girl?
A) Joanna Pacula
B) Małgorzata Kożuchowska
C) Isabella Scorupco
D) Anna Mucha

85. What is the name of a film director by whom Anna Mucha was acting when she was a child?
A) James Cameron
B) Ridley Scott
C) Ron Howard
D) Steven Spielberg

Test opracowany na podstawie książek:
Randee Falk Spotlight on the USA, Oxford University Press, 1994
Andrzej Diniejko An introduction to the United States of America, Egis, 2005


1. C
2. B
3. D
4. B
5. B
6. C
7. D
8. B
9. B
10. B
11. B
12. A
13. A
14. D
15. C
16. B
17. D
18. B
19. B
20. A
21. C
22. A
23. A
24. C
25. A
26. B
27. C
28. D
29. B
30. D
31. B
32. C
33. A
34. D
35. A
36. B
37. A
38. C
39. B
40. D
41. A
42. D
43. C
44. A
45. B
46. D
47. D
48. B
49. B
50. D
51. B
52. D
53. C
54. D
55. C
56. C
57. B
58. C
59. A
60. A
61. C
62. D
63. C
64. D
65. C
66. B
67. C
68. C
69. A
70. B
71. C
72. D
73. C
74. B
75. A
76. A
77. B
78. A
79. A
80. B
81. B
82. D
83. B
84. C
85. D

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