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Mirosław Siemieniuk, 2010-05-13

Język angielski, Ciekawostki


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Almost everyone in Poland knows about a few Polish cars we made in the past - Polonez, Fiat 126p, Syrenka or Warszawa.
Unfortunately hardly anyone knows about the car which is produced now in our country - LEOPARD. It is more famous in other European Union countries than in Poland.

Here are some facts about Leopard.
This car was designed by Zbysław Szwaja. It is produced and sold by his factory LEOPARD in Mielec. All his customers come from abroad. The price is very high: 130000 E. Its debut took place in Paris in 2005. The car is handmade and only 20 items per year leave the factory.

Here are technical data:
* Body: Aluminium, handcrafted
* Chassis: Tubular space frame
* Engine: Aluminium V8 5967 ccm
* Power: 405 hp (302 kW) at 6000 rpm,
* Gearbox: 6-speed manual
* Brakes: Brembo 4-piston
* Performance: Acceleration. 0-100 kmh: less than 4 sec.
* Top speed: 250 kmh (regulated)
* Weight: 1150 kg
* Fuel tank capacity: 80 l
Wyświetleń: 956

Uwaga! Wszystkie materiały opublikowane na stronach są chronione prawem autorskim, publikowanie bez pisemnej zgody firmy Edgard zabronione.