Mirosław Siemieniuk, 2010-05-13

Język angielski, Konkursy

The BEATLES - quiz.

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1 Was this group a trio, quartet or quintet?

2 Who was the bass player?

3 Who didn't play any instrument?

4 Who was born in Liverpool?

5 In which German city their international career started?

6 How many number 1 hits did they have?

7 Who was the lead singer ?

8 Which ‘beatle’ was interested in Indian music?

9 Which of them sang the famous ” Yellow Submarine” ?

10 Where was John Lennon living in 1980?

11 How did he die and when?

12 How many of them are still alive?

13 What are the titles of 3 films they made?

14 Can you name 3 famous George Harrison compositions?

15 What songs composed Ringo Starr?
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