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What do lies do with our relationship?

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Dear Ella

I really enjoyed the party. I am glad I could help you with all the preparations. It was seen in everyone’s face that he had been happy on that event.
I have always appreciated your father’s hobby and his knowledge since you told me some facts about it. I also saw some strangers at the party but there were so many friends that nobody could steal anything.
I must admit that I probably know who stole the teapot. I saw your fiancé’s advertisement in a local newspaper. He wants to sell the teapot quite cheaply. I am sure it is him because the name and the phone number in the ad are the same as Michael’s. And the description of the rare type Chinese porcelain teapot is alike the stolen one. But his guilty cannot be taken as a matter of course. I know you are engaged. You mentioned that he could not afford buying you a ring. He did not admit stealing the teapot although you asked him. Is it a sweet lie? I hate lies and thievery. You should talk to him and explain that he did a wrong thing as well as ask him what was the reason. He should apologize to your father. You must decide whether he could be your partner for all the future life. Maybe you have heard the Fleetwood Mac’s song with words “Tell me sweet lies...”. But lie is often an unwelcome thing. I do not know Michael very well. I suppose you could forgive him, but it should be your own decision. Anyway – is he going to earn money at least? Or will he do nothing and waste your father’s savings in the future? Love can be spoiled by mistrust and, even worse, by lies and thievery. It is like your first argument with the fiancé. Or even worse. You should think through this matter and talk with your close friends and family.

Best wishes
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