Przemysław Waszak, 2010-04-29

Język angielski, Gry

Solve some riddles for art historians.

- n +

1) A kind of decorative vaulting, can be found in the biggest hall church of Gdańsk. (Two words: 4 letters, dash, 8 letters).
2) Is a representation of Blue (Heavenly) Jerusalem. (Two words, 6 letters, space, 9 letters).
3) Birth of Christ. (8 letters)
4) Flying… (supports walls of the church) (8 letters)
5) Otto von… A significant scientist who wrote “The gothic cathedral: origins of Gothic architecture and the medieval concept of order”. (6 letters)
6) Cathedral of Cologne has one nave and four …. (6 letters)


1. cell-vaulting
2. gothic cathedral
3. Nativity
4. buttress
5. Simson
6. aisles
Wyświetleń: 1867

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