Przemysław Waszak, 2010-04-12

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Two different horror movies.

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I do not prefer horror films. Therefore I try not to watch them. I think life is enough frightening and difficult so that we do not have to bother with macabre movies.
Therefore I would not even read Edgar Allan Poe’s stories although I have read Hitchcock’s “The mystery of whispering mummy”.
But I recall a few horror movies. The first – “Sleepy Hollow” was petrifying, full of blood and death. It depicted an immortal rider without a head who was murdering his enemies.
I did not enjoy it very much although it was really interesting. So I would like to concentrate on the second movie which is very different from that one.
It is “Van Hellsing”.
I saw it when I was travelling home by bus from Paris. The place where I watched it and that it was a wonderful journey does matter.
The film has many funny moments and it is alike adventure movie. Although there appear many monsters, werewolves, witches and vampires and they are naturalistically depicted, they are not very frightening. The movie is about a man who fights “the others” – creatures mentioned above. It takes place in 19th century Hungary and a short time
in Paris. The warrior is equipped with holy water, self-repeating crossbow and first of all–
his intellect and strength. He has a helper – a monk who is not so brave and not very orthodox.
I have seen anime version of “Van Hellsing” story, too, but it lacked the lightness, humour, special effects and it was dark and bloody. It was different.
Maybe the second movie is not sophisticated, but it is worth seeing.
Watching it is a good entertainment.
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