Dorota Gadomska
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Animal rights

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Animal rights

Did we really have to carry on vivisection or eating animals? Aren`t all animals as equal as we are as living creatures? To these questions I can only give positive answers.
  • First of all, on the issue of testing drugs on animals for side effects in human beings, as we know from the thalidomide case, it`s very difficult to predict what the effect of a drug will be on human beings - tests done on animals can prove to be ineffective in case of people. Besides, if we look at penicillin and aspirin, two of the most famous modern drugs, which were found by accident. No animal was needed to find them.
  • Secondly, all experiments on animals should be stopped because they are cruel and inhumane. Dogs are made to smoke cigarettes, rats and mice have shampoo and cosmetics squirted in their eyes to see what will happen. But everybody should know that these animals suffer so much that most of them have to be put down.
  • Therefore, we shouldn`t approve of using animals for cosmetics and even medical tests, as both human beings and animals feel pain and suffer from being beaten cruelly. And further, many experiments are so grotesque that they diminish the dignity of man and are only conducted for the benefit of mankind. Hardly anybody realizes that animals ought to enjoy the same rights as we - people - do.
  • I think so, because so far too many animals have been abused and exploited and they can only depend on us for their protection. If we don`t protect them, who will? Because the animals are the living creatures in the same case as we are, we have no rights to kill them. We shouldn`t be allowed to do so. Nobody has the right to say ``Kill this stupid dog!``. Therefore, I will always insist on saying that it`s time animals were allowed to enjoy the gift of life as much as we do. They will only do so when scientific experiments on them are banned for ever.
  • For the same reasons, I`d always say that we shouldn`t kill animals just to eat them. We can do without eating them and be as healthy as any other creature which depends only on plants, eg. mice, many birds - they eat only plants and are strong enough to run quickly and cover very long distances in a very short time. To provide ourselves with indispensable vitamins, we can eat, eg. soya beans, nuts, brown bread, which contain the same quantity of valuable protein as meat. Although vegetarianism hasn`t gained many advocates so far, it should have - mainlt for moral and religious reasons.
  • Not only people but animals as well can feel pain, love, be devoted to each other, so don`t deprive them of their rights to be free and don`t kill them for your pleasure, as they do want to live and feel free in this brutal world, where there are too many people thinking only about their stomach and wearing clothes made from animals` skin.
advocate- tu: zwolennik
approve- pochwalać, akceptować
ban- /v./- zakazywać czegoś, wykląć
by accident- przypadkowo
deprive- pozbawić kogoś czegoś, odebrać np. prawa, ogołocić z czegoś
dignity- godność, dostojeństwo, honor
abuse- /n./- obelga, nadużycie, wymyślanie komuś /v./- wykorzystywać kogoś, lżyć, naubliżać, przeklinać, przezywać, sponiewierać, zwymyślać, złorzeczyć
diminish- /v./- zmniejszać, maleć, łagodnieć, kurczyć, obniżać, odjąć, osłabić
exploit- /v./- eksploatować kogoś lub coś, wykorzystać, zużytkować
indispensable- niezbędny, niezastąpiony, konieczny, nieodzowny
inhumane- niehumanitarny
issue- tu: kwestia
predict- przepowiadać, wywróżyć, prorokować
put down- uśmiercić
squirt- strzykać, tryskać
thalidomide - (med.) thalidomid - used as a tranquilizer (środek uspokajający), sedative (środek uśmierzający) or hypnotic; when taken during pregnancy it was discovered to affect normal growth of the fetus (płód) and result in abnormally shortened limbs (kończyny) of the newborn
vivisection- wiwisekcja [łac. vivus = żywy + sectio = rozcięcie] zabieg operacyjny dokonywany na żywym zwierzęciu w celach naukowych, doświadczalnych

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