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My favourite book - MACBETH

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My favourite book - MACBETH

     I`ve recently read a very interesting book by W.Shakespeare- it`s ``Macbeth``.
     Now, let me describe something about Macbeth, because I think he is a very interesting and mysterious person.
     At the beginning Macbeth led the army against a dangerous enemy and won a great victory. Later, he and one of his chieftain named Banquo came upon three figures standing in their way. They looked like ugly old women, they were very strangely dressed and had beards. They were not ordinary women, they were witches. They told Macbeth that he would become a king. After his father`s death Macbeth had already been Thane of Glamis. After this prophesy he, at once, wrote a letter to his wife, telling her about his victory, the witches` prophesy and a new title he had received from the king. He also told her that Duncan, a wise and gentle king who ruled in Scotland, was planning to visit their castle, and she was to make ready to receive him. Lady Macbeth was a proud woman and an ambitious one. The hope that she might become Queen of Scotland fascinated her. She was also cruel, and ready to use any means to obtain what she wanted the thought of killing the kind old king, her guest, did not frighten her. Unlike Macbeth, she was not willing to leave matters to fate. Knowing her husband well, his strength and his weakness, she thought that he had ambition without sufficient determination to satisfy it. So, when Macbeth came home, a little before the king`s arrival, she worked upon his ambition and persuaded him to murder Duncan while he was at their castle. She explained how easy the deed would be, and what happiness the crown would bring them both. But Macbeth hesitated; loyalty and ambition were fighting a terrible battle in his heart. He remembered Duncan`s kindnes. But his cruel wife argued against these scruples. She appealed to his ambition, to his manly courage. In the end, however, driven by ambition, and afraid of his wife`s contempt, he committed the deed she wished. After Macbeth had killed Duncan, Lady Macbeth put the dagger beside the sleeping guards and smeared their faces with blood in order to make them seem guilty. Only Macbeth was very shaken and terrified by what had been done. The two of them saw the deedin two different ways: Lady Macbeth, as a slight spot easily washed away, Macbeth, as a blot huge enough to change the colour of the seas. And, later this crime led to another one. When Duncan was found dead in the morning Macbeth, acted the part of someone furiously angry, killed the two innocent guards. Then, Macbeth was proclaimed king. In this way the witches` prophesy came true. But during his coronation, Macbeth was not happy; he remembered the witches` prophecy that it was Banquo`s children, not his own, who were to rule over Scotland. So he decided to kill both Banquo and his son Fleance. Having Killed Banquo, he didn`t manage to kill Fleance. Fleace had escaped from the castle. Macbeth`s reign, which began in crime, continued in cruelty and terror. The Scottish people spoke sadly about their country. Many people escaped to England, where Prince Malcolm was preparing an army to march against the tyrant. Macbeth became uneasy about his future the suggestion of the witches, his wife`s persuation and his own ambition had turned Macbeth to crime and then pushed him on to one violent deed after another. In hid despair, Macbeth cursed his life. He died in action and his wife had killed herself before his death. And tradition says that Fleance, Banquo`s son, was the ruler of Scotland.

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