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What would you change in your school if you were a headmaster?

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What would you change in your school if you were a headmaster?

     My school is an old and prestigious institution and I believe that many graduades, who may be famous politicians and successful business people, admit that they owe a lot to the unforgettable atmosphere and unique tradition of my school.

If I were a headmaster of my school, I`d make all members of this school community behave properly. I`d simply create some rules for students to obey:
  • no one would be allowed to smoke cigarettes in the lavatories or cloakrooms
  • they wouldn`t have to have their hair very short, but they would have to keep it clean and tidy
  • they would be able to eat at school, but eating during the lessons would be strictly forbidden
  • they wouldn`t have to change their shoes but they wouldn`t be allowed to bring mud and dirt into the school building
  • no one would be allowed to address teachers by their first names unless they were reckless enough to let them do so
  • they wouldn`t have to wear the school uniform but they would always have to wear the school tie
  • they wouldn`t have to pay for books but I would be glad if they bought coffee for the staff room
     I`d also remind my students that they`re the youngest in the school and because of that their rights are limited. But I`d also tell them to cheer up, because days spent at school are very unforgettable days in our life.

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