Dorota Gadomska
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     A test of friendship is summed up in the proverb "A friend in need is a friend indeed", therefore I believe that getting on well with our close friend means to rely on him and trust him. Besides, a real friend is someone who will never let us down, who sincere and credible. Personally, I've got only one friend. Her name's Amy. I believe that she's a very splendid friend as she's frank, doesn't lie to me but calls a spade a spade; she also doesn't mince words and I like such people. Besides, when we are together we can talk and talk for a very long time; what's more, she always helps me with my troubles and I know that I can confide in Amy any time. We're real companions.
     But we must remember that even a pet can be our best friend. Such friendship isn't the same, which exists among people, but it can also be very strong. An animal, we love, doesn't disappoint us, will keep everything it has heard from us in secret and it's entirely devoted to us. Even George Orwell was concerned that, I quote: "Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings is a friend...". What I mean is that just animals, not people, can be such friends that we can utterly rely on.
     For me, friendship is a very important thing in our life.
It's wonderful to have someone who always understands us and is able to help us. I'd like to point out that such relationship between two or more people should be based only on mutual support, truthfulness, frankness and generousness, because I'm of the opinion that being a real friend means to be able to do everything to make him happy even at the expense of our amenities. I'm afraid that there aren't many people who understand friendship as I do, but friendship understood as blind devotion, trust and belief in another man is what I mean by real friendship.

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