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Foreign languages

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Foreign languages

Let`s ask yourself a question: should people learn foreign languages? Although the answer to this question seems to be easy, wanting to give a reasonable answer we should think really hard to do so. There is an unlimited number of answers but let`s concentrate on the most important ones:
  • First of all, people should learn a language to make friends with people from other countries and a good command of, let`s say, English will enable them to do so. What`s more, English is the language of the future and the main international language, which is widely spoken. So, if we want to make friends or if we want to be a true European - English will help us. Besides, nowadays almost everybody has satellite TV and wanting to understand foreign, original films or programmes, we should know at least foreign language.
  • Secondly, the knowledge of foreign languages is greatly connected with a desire to travel, because if we are able to use any foreign language, we can visit a chosen place alone without an interpreter and do what we want, avoiding being lost. Even Francis Bacon believed that ``Travel, in the younger sort /of people/, is a part of education; in the elder /sort, it`s/, a part of experience``. So, for instance, knowing a foreign language we can study abroad, visit any part of the world and what`s the most important, we will be independent.
  • What`s more, fluency of, for example, English will help us in finding and developing a career, after completing full-time education. Knowing a foreign language, we can find a good job, become a businessman or even work with computers, as many computer programmes and instruction manuals are written in English.
  • Besides, highly skilled young people who are fluent in English will be in great demand in the future, as Poland increases its trade with Western countries /which it must do to gain economic prosperity/.
  • There`s no doubt that, there are a lot of foreign goods in Polish shops and if we don`t know at least English or German we won`t be able to read what we buy and how to use something we`ve just bought.
  • Additionally, everyone who runs his private business and want to be in touch with highly developed foreign firms, should know a foreign language.
  • Therefore, knowledge of a foreign language is very important, indispensable and useful. We should only remember that everything is up to us. If we want to be close to the whole world, gain high position, eg. in our job, we should know a foreign language, which is undoubtedly, a job-finding and career-building factor.

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