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How would you solve the problem of aggressive football fans?

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How would you solve the problem of aggressive football fans?

  • they should be arrested for violent and threatening behaviour
  • if they come from another country, after having been arrested near or on the stadium, they should be handed over to the immigration police for deportation and then fined in their country. Besides, such aggressive football fans shouldn`t be allowed to return to the country where the match had taken place, within at least five years.
  • all aggressive fans should be made to pay for the damage
  • if they break the law, they should bear the consequences of their behaviour
  • serious crime during football matches and violence could be reduced if judges gave stricter sentences
  • there should be more police nearby the stadium to control any potential crowd trouble
  • there should also be TV cameras at most major sporting events, so that bad behaviour on the football pitch could be noticed and aggressive football fans could be recognized and properly punished

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