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Why do people need religion in their lives?

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Why do people need religion in their lives?

I think that all people need religion in their lives. There are many reasons approving of this statement:
  1. the value of religion gives people a moral code to live by, a higher strength to guide them when overwhelmed, it gives them hope, and puts order and control in their societies
  2. religion seems to explain what might have been misunderstood and put it into terms that ones culture could accept and make sense of
  3. religion played a big part in colonizing the New World
  4. many schools preserve religious heritage because it preserves their goal to encourage each student ``to develop a life-long joy of learning`` and ``to sharpen her intellectual curiosity``
  5. religion also tells people how to obtain honour and integrity, but , first of all, why we should do so. It is our faith which also gives us the moral imperative to exercise justice in our society. For many Christians, religion is necessitated by the mission ``to foster and support sound Christian values and ethics in the whole community``
  6. religious tradition demands loving community. One of society`s pressing needs is the honest pursuit of truth with mutual love and respect across racial, religious, and socio-economic lines. It is Christian`s biblical heritage, affirming that all human beings are created in the image of God, that compels us to invite, welcome, include, and nurture all people from all religious, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds.
  7. So, true religion guarantees the search for truth with tolerance and respect.
  8. What`s more, religion nurtures, cultivates and educates, so that people can grow in their religious convictions and learn to respect those who hold differing perspectives.

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