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The Panthers have made their first big splash into the free agent pool."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Keep Sounding PodcastPanthers 2019 NFL DraftCSR Film RoomCarolina Panthers free agency 2019Carolina Panthers sign quarterback Taylor Heinicke to one-year dealNew Stitched Trai Turner Jersey ,48commentsThe Panthers have made their first big splash into the free agent pool.EDTShareTweetShareShareCarolina Panthers sign quarterback Taylor Heinicke to one-year dealThe Carolina Panthers have signed backup quarterback Taylor Heinicke to a one-year contract according to an announcement from the team&#8217;s website.The terms for the deal have not been announced, but considering that it&#8217;s a one-year deal for a backup quarterback with not a ton of game experience, chances are this contract won&#8217;t exactly be one to break the bank.Heinicke joins Kyle Allen as a backup option for franchise quarterback Cam Newton. The two are expected to compete in training camp for the No. 2 spot on the Panthers&#8217; depth chart.There&#8217;s also a chance the Panthers use one of their draft picks to take a flyer on a backup quarterback if they find one they like Youth Ryan Kalil Jersey , so there&#8217;s no guarantee that Heinicke will even be on the roster once the regular season begins.Stay tuned to CSR as we&#8217;ll provide the contract details once they&#8217;ve been announced.Panthers 2018 season opener countdown: 48 days to go The Panthers don&#8217;t currently have a player wearing No. 48, so I turned to the first person I thought of that used to wear No. 48. That is former Panthers RB Stephen Davis. Davis is a local kid from Spartanburg, SC Stitched Ryan Kalil Jersey , which is where I was living when Davis was in high school. I went to one high school game when I lived there, a playoff game between Davis&#8217; Spartanburg High School team and their local rival, Gaffney. It was getting a lot of billing at the time given he was the No. 1 recruit in the nation. To keep this story short Davis rolled for 200+ yards and three scores... and they sat him down with 10 minutes left on the clock! Davis looked like a man among boys as he was bigger than most players trying to tackle him and was the fastest guy on the field. Davis was a beast before beast mode was a thing. I was sooooo disappointed he went to Auburn [sigh] Dennis Daley Carolina Panthers Jersey , but I was ecstatic when he came to Carolina. He was the catalyst that sparked the 2003 Super Bowl run in his first season in Carolina.Here&#8217;s a sweet tribute video to Davis. I think you will like it Panthers fans.I&#8217;m struck by how tough of a runner he was, his ability to cut back, and how good he was at the goal line. Plus 2019 Dennis Daley Jersey , he could turn on the burners when he got the edge. His star burned out too quick, but it was fun while it lasted. Career NFL statistics (12 seasons)Rushing yards: 8,052Average: 4.1 yardsTouchdowns: 65The numbers don&#8217;t do him justice.Cheers!

Dubai Expo 2020
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