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Hank Gardstein asks: My question i
Autor: panxing18 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 18 mar 2019 - 07:00:41

The holidays are almost here! With that in mind Riley Dixon Color Rush Jersey , let&#8217;s open one last Big Blue View mailbag and see what New York Giants fans have on their minds.s: how do we SUPPOSEDLY know the #17 is not the guy of the future? Surely not the 1 appearance in garbage time and surely not preseason games. Has he shown nothing in practice? The team has so many needs, it seems that we should be damn sure that this kid is not the answer to Q-back, rather than wasting picks and deals on someone who might not be any better. Let&#8217;s play him and find out.Ed says: Hank, let&#8217;s start with this. I know fans get all uppity because they haven&#8217;t seen Kyle Lauletta, expect for one really awful quarter of play. I know fans are still annoyed because Davis Webb never played. Thing is, the decision isn&#8217;t up to the fan base and whether or not the fans get to see more of Lauletta isn&#8217;t important. Not even a little bit.What is important is what the Giants&#8217; decision-makers &#8212; Pat Shurmur, Dave Gettleman and even co-owner John Mara &#8212; think of Lauletta. They see him in practice every day. They see him in meetings every day. They see him in the locker room every day. They know his ability level, his readiness to play, his personality, his work ethic. All of that matters, and it&#8217;s different than last year with Webb. Shurmur and Gettleman will be back next season and they know what they have &#8212; or don&#8217;t have &#8212; in Lauletta.If you are actually paying attention to what Shurmur has been saying, he has been telling us that he doesn&#8217;t think Lauletta is ready to play winning football at the NFL level yet. He may be after a full NFL offseason, but he&#8217;s a fourth-round pick out of an FCS school. He&#8217;s not a first-round pick from a Power 5 school. The Giants NOT going out of the way to play him should be telling you something.David Gray asks: While watching the Saints/Panthers game, I was thinking that Drew Brees is clearly a better quarterback (than Eli Manning) and a Hall of Famer; a record-setting quarterback who has his team competing for a playoff spot every year.But I was wondering who would I rather have at quarterback if Brees never wins another championship: the surefire record-setting Hall of Famer who would bring only one championship or a solid quarterback who would bring two championships?Ed says: Well, David you didn&#8217;t really ask me a question there. You kind of asked yourself one. I&#8217;m going to give you my answer, anyway.Everybody who has followed Big Blue View for a while knows I have always believed in Eli, and always thought he got more heat for the Giants&#8217; failings than he has deserved. If you think for a second, though Mario Edwards Jr Color Rush Jersey , that Manning is or has been close to the quarterback Brees has been throughout his career I&#8217;m not sure what you&#8217;ve been watching. I&#8217;m taking Brees all day, every day.Ed says: Player value in NFL trades is something fans always have a hard time understanding. Why could the Giants only get a fifth-round pick for Damon Harrison? Age and contract are the answers. A fourth-round pick for Eli Apple? The baggage from 2017 and the reality that he was very inconsistent for the Giants are the answers. All things considered, GM Dave Gettleman did well to get a third-round pick for Jason Pierre-Paul last offseason.Point is, there are a lot more deals where the return seems under-whelming than deals like the Amari Cooper one where a team gets a first-round pick in exchange for the player.I think Gettleman will float Olivier Vernon, Janoris Jenkins and maybe a couple of other veteran players in trade discussions and see what the return might be. They might even float Evan Engram&#8217;s name, but I doubt they would move him. Nor do I think they should. I think the Giants would love to recoup the third-round pick they forfeited by taking cornerback Sam Beal in the supplemental draft. I&#8217;m just not sure they can get that kind of return for anyone they might be willing to move.Ed says: First, you always consider trading players for more picks. Thing is, the Giants already have nine picks and could get two more compensatory picks if Over The Cap&#8217;s projection proves accurate. That&#8217;s 11 picks. Sorry, but 11 drafted rookies aren&#8217;t making the roster next season. With that many picks, it might be more likely the Giants would use some of them to target specific players and move around the board to get a couple of them.As for what the Giants should target, if you watch games you know the areas of need &#8212; offensive line, all across the defense, quarterback of the future. This draft has a a couple of offensive tackles who will probably be Day 1 picks, but not a lot. The quarterback class is considered &#8220;meh&#8221; by most evaluators. Defensively, though, this draft is considered to be flush with talent. So, follow the talent and stock up on defense. Find an offensive tackle to compete on the right side somewhere in the first two days of the draft. Don&#8217;t force a quarterback pick, but if a guy you really love is their and you believe he can be your guy Nate Solder Color Rush Jersey , make the move.Ed says: Kevin, quite honestly I don&#8217;t know. I had never heard of Bo Levi Mitchell until his name was mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago, and I have never seen him play. I know that Mitchell has NFL teams intrigued and that he is working out for several of them. Sounds like teams think he might be a capable backup option. I would have to believe he is in the NFL somewhere next season. The interior of the New York Giants defensive front is the clear strength of their defense. B.J. Hill emerged as the breakout star of the Giants&#8217; draft class (relative to his pre-draft hype and draft position), while Dalvin Tomlinson reinforced the good first impression he made in his rookie season. Meanwhile, Mario Edwards Jr. proved to be a solid pick-up after final cutdowns who could probably use more time on the field. However, a robust rotation on the defensive front is always a good thing, and the Giants have made it clear that they both need and want to improve their pass rush. This year, Alabama&#8217;s Isaiah Buggs played in the figurative shadow of Quinnen Williams, and the literal shadow of (the massive) Raekwon Davis. However, he was remarkably productive for a player who didn&#8217;t get much buzz at the national level. But does that just mean that he could be a good value for the Giants?MeasurablesHeight: 6-foot-2Weight: 286 poundsProsThick, powerful frame.Build gives him natural leverage and he knows how to use it.Generates explosive power on contact and is able to drive blockers backward.Versatile lineman. Lined up at nose tackle, 3-technique, 5-technique, and 7-technique for Alabama. Shows some variety in pass rush moves. Flashes a bull rush, long arm, and club-rip move.Active behind the line of scrimmage. 13.5 tackles for a loss, 9.5 sacks in 2018ConsOnly one season of production with Alabama. First step is generally good, but not great Phil Simms Color Rush Jersey , and seems to depend on where he lines up. Motor seems to run hot and cold. Will pursue a play all the way down the field, but will barely run on others. Could be a conditioning issue. Lower body appears stiff. Prospect VideoWhat They&#8217;re Saying - Lance Zierlein ( Senior Bowl Notebook - Day 3) Does He Fit The Giants?Given Buggs&#8217; versatility to play a variety of positions along the defensive line, he would be a nice fit for the Giants&#8217; defense. On some plays he looks like a smaller version of 2018 draftee, B.J. Hill. He has a similar physical demeanor in collapsing the pocket and penetrating into the backfield, while also having an understated athleticism. Buggs appears much more comfortable playing as an interior lineman, as opposed to playing as a defensive end in nickel situations. He lacks the burst and bend to be a defensive end in a four-man front, and he seems to struggle to time the snap or fire off the ball when playing the 7-technique. Inside, however, he generally shows a decent first step and is a handful for most offensive linemen one-on-one. He has the leverage and strength stand blockers up and punch out of his weight class in the run game as well. Given the breadth and depth of talent on the Alabama defense, Buggs wasn&#8217;t double-teamed all that often, but when he was, he did flash the ability to split the blockers and disrupt some. The biggest issue teams will have with Buggs will be his motor. There are some plays where he is utterly relentless in pursuit, while n others he seems to disappear. Teams will need to decide if it is a matter of &#8220;want,&#8221; focus, or condition. If it is the latter, then the team that drafts him will need to have a plan for how to use his talent without wearing him out.

Re: Hank Gardstein asks: My question i
Autor: Mariablack24x7 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 18 mar 2019 - 13:14:24

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Re: Hank Gardstein asks: My question i
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Data: 19 kwi 2019 - 11:40:13

Re: Hank Gardstein asks: My question i
Autor: Fahrani (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 24 kwi 2019 - 08:42:38

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Autor: dubai2020 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 10 cze 2019 - 11:52:32

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Re: Hank Gardstein asks: My question i
Autor: kodokloncat (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 26 lip 2019 - 02:16:30

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Re: Hank Gardstein asks: My question i
Autor: sugarvern (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 03 wrz 2019 - 12:54:33

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