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Experts comment on the summer show No. 7 show is the most amazing. The second place is water?
Autor: LonKaner (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 17 lip 2018 - 09:26:26

According to US authoritative media reports, the NBA Summer League has come to an end. Many players have demonstrated their abilities in the summer league. Let's take a look at the experts' judgment A Bathing APE X Nike Air Max 270 on the performance of the Summer League players.
1. Who is the best rookie of the Summer League?
Two experts believe that the Bulls' younger Wendell Carter, this young man is only the 7th overall pick, but it seems that he is full of energy, and the technology is very comprehensive. His long-range shooting, protection of the backboard and the ability to block the ball are excellent.
There are also experts who believe that Kevin Knox is very good, his style can be very good, and he is very sharp and has excellent athletic ability, giving a feeling of Jason Tatum. Point guard Shay Kyrgyz - Alexander seems to be the best point guard this year, he has not been defeated in the summer league.
In addition, the No. 1 pick Ayton is also a good candidate for experts. Experts believe that Ayton did not go all out, but if he invested all, his strength is quite amazing. Ayton&#8217;s talent is super high, he can do things that other rookies can&#8217;t do, and his upper limit is higher.
2. Who is the best veteran of the Summer League?
Experts believe that the Hawks' second-year-old John Collins, the Lakers' Josh Hart, and the Lone Ranger's Daniel Smith are all good. Among them, Collins' performance is more stable and more efficient. He is not using the summer league to brush the data. His shooting selection is scientific and shows the ability of three-pointers. He is expected to have more space in the regular season. The combination of Collins and rookie Trey Young is a bit like the combination of young Nash Air Max 98 Supreme and Stoudemire.
3. Who is the biggest surprise for Xia Lian?
Both experts believe that the Knicks' Mitchell Robinson, the teenager has not played official basketball in 14 months, but he performed quite well, if more time runs, he will become the Knicks An important force in the frontcourt.
There are also experts who believe that Sir Utah&#8217;s Stanton Kidd and the Knicks&#8217; Kevin Knox are good. They all played far beyond their own reputation.
Trey Young is also highly hoped, because his performance is low and high, and he shows his pure point guard technology, and Air Max 98 Homme reflects his talent for investment, his future should be bright.
4. Who is the biggest disappointment of Xia Lian?
Josh Jackson and Dragan Bender are the most named players by experts. These two players are not rookies, and have accumulated a lot of experience in the summer league, but as long as they play, their performance is very poor. Bender's shooting is almost as much as scoring, and the defense is still a loophole. As for Jackson, he hasn't learned to shoot yet. Of course, his defense is solid, which will make him better than Bender's situation. Bender doesn't seem to stay in the solar array for long.
Interestingly, some experts commented that Marvin Bagley's performance was disappointing. Bagley&#8217;s individual combat capability did not meet his expectations, which may be a shortcoming between him and Ayton.

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