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Things you need to know about Charlie Puth
Autor: yeuamnhac118 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 10 lip 2020 - 09:42:56

Charlie Puth rose ph&#7879; stardom on the back of his popular YouTube channel, where he posted songs v&#224; vlogs for the enjoyment of his loyal following. Now, he&#8217;s continuing his rise l&#7899;n the top with a multiplatinum recording career. His collaboration with Wiz Kalifa on the Fast & the Furious 7 track, &#8220;See You Again,&#8221; earned him three Grammy nominations, as well as numerous other awards and nominations. In 2016, he released his debut full-length, Nine-Track Mind, featuring the singles &#8220;Marvin Gaye&#8221; v&#224; &#8220;One đi&#7879;n tho&#7841;i t&#432; v&#7845;n Away.&#8221; Read on m&#7853;p find out more about Charlie Puth, and check back soon for part two.

Number Fifteen: Charlie Puth Wrote Jingles for YouTubers
As part of the YouTube community, Puth is friends with a lot of other video clip creators. He often collaborated with them, bi&#234;n t&#7853;p jingles for them béo use in their own videos. Early vlogs from Charles Trippy and Shay Carl, as well as Shane Dawson&#8217;s podcast, feature Puth&#8217;s work.

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Number Fourteen: He Won a Contest Sponsored by Perez Hilton
Puth recorded a cover of Adele&#8217;s &#8220;Someone Like You&#8221; for the Can You Sing? Competition. He won & got b&#7921; perform the song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Number Thirteen: He Had a Record Deal Before His Current One
In 2011, he was signed béo Ellen DeGeneres&#8217; eleveneleven label and released a single called &#8220;Break Again.&#8221; However, in 2012 he left the label before ever releasing an b&#7913;c &#7843;nh or EP. His next EP would be released independently.

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Number Twelve: He Appeared in a Meghan Trainor Clip
Before locking lips with the songstress during the American âm nh&#7841;c Awards, Charlie Puth appeared in Trainor&#8217;s đo&#7841;n Clip for &#8220;Dear Future Husband.&#8221; He played her dating site love interest.

Number Eleven: His Scar is from a Dog Attack
One of the most noticeable features of Puth&#8217;s face is the scar across his eyebrow. The scar came from being near-fatally attacked by a dog at the age of two.

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Number Ten: He is a Classically Trained Pianist
Charlie Puth spent five years enrolled in a pre-college program at Manhattan School of âm nh&#7841;c and went m&#7853;p Berkley College of music on a full-scholarship. With a pedigree like that, he was destined for stardom.

Number Nine: He Has Perfect Pitch
In interviews, Puth has said that he has perfect pitch, which gives him the ability m&#7853;p hear a c&#7843;nh báo & name it without having a reference point. He can also sing that named chú ý perfectly, apparently. Check back soon for part two of our danh m&#7909;c of 15 interesting facts about Charlie Puth.

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