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ASHINGTON Radamel Falcao Colombia Jersey
Autor: yellowbaby520 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 14 cze 2018 - 08:40:15

WASHINGTON Radamel Falcao Colombia Jersey , June 21 (Xinhua) -- The gunman who shot and wounded U.S. House Republican Whip Steve Scalise and four others at a congressional baseball practice field acted alone, the FBI said Wednesday.

James T. Hodgkinson, who died from injuries after the shooting, did not have any ties to terrorism, Tim Slater, head of the Washington FBI office, said at a news conference.

Scalise was seriously wounded in the shooting and has undergone several surgeries and remains hospitalized Oscar Murillo Colombia Jersey , local media reported.

Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old white male from Illinois, opened a barrage of gunfire on June 14 at a congressional baseball practice field in Alexandria, Virginia. He was wounded in the gun battle with police and died later on the day.

Five people were wounded during the shooting, including Scalise, a House staffer, a lobbyist for Tyson Foods and two Capitol police officers.

The gunman turned out to be an unemployed home inspector with a deep animus toward President Donald Trump and other Republicans. He volunteered for Democrat Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign last year.

A Facebook page believed to belong to Hodgkinson includes pictures of Sanders and rants against Trump and Republicans. One of his posts read: "Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co."

Sanders immediately denounced the shooter's actions on the day.

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Yamgo Miguel Borja Colombia Jersey , the global mobile TV network, along with, the world renowned mountaineer, climber, extreme sports athlete plus television broadcaster Tim Emmett today announced a new sponsorship agreement.

As part of the new partnership, Emmett, one of the most talented plus recognizable athletes in the world Mateus Uribe Colombia Jersey , will become a brand ambassador for the purpose of the world&#8217;s largest free-to-view mobile TV provider and even will undertake an active role in advertising along with promotional campaigns.

The partnership is actually a natural alliance between a global mobile TV brand along with one of the world&#8217;s most prominent athletes. Yamgo delivers free live TV to any mobile phone, tablet or device and also is actually universally recognised by content owners as the ideal platform meant for worldwide mobile distribution.

Whilst Tim Emmett&#8217;s vast list of achievements includes a Piolet D&#8217;Or nomination, climbing&#8217;s equivalent of the Oscars, multiple podium finishes at the World Ice Climbing Championships, several world firsts plus presenting TV shows for the purpose of broadcasters such as BBC along with ITV.

Since graduating in the mid-nineties, Emmett has embarked on a career that has included the first successful ascent of the hardest tradition climb in Wales, Muy Caliente Leandro Castellanos Colombia Jersey , graded E10, climbing a new route on the 6840 metre East face of Kedar Dome in the Himalayas and being the first person to complete all four disciplines of B.A.S.E. jumping in under 10 hours as well as wing suit flying.

Tim has also received a myriad of awards, written a book, appeared in countless magazines around the world, been invited to speak at prestigious schools such as Eton, Harrow, King&#8217;s College and also Blundell&#8217;s School as well as made several documentaries and even shows meant for television Juan Guillermo Cuadrado Colombia Jersey , including an infamous appearance on BBC&#8217;s Top Gear.

&#8220;Yamgo has a policy of working with the very best plus we believe Tim Emmett represents just that. Like Yamgo, Tim is a driving force in his field with a long along with proud record of success. Yamgo has a passion meant for achievement and even we believe that this particular shared outlook will enable us to build a long along with successful partnership.&#8221; said Yamgo CEO Ian Mullins.

&#8220;Tim is certainly one-of-a-kind, a true challenger along with this kind of perfectly reflects the spirit of the Yamgo brand,&#8221; said CEO Ian Mullins. &#8220;He&#8217;s an individual; we&#8217;re a brand that celebrates individuality, in business and even life. We encourage people to do it their way; Tim does it his way. We deliver a live TV network that fits people&#8217;s lives; Tim is actually the perfect fit intended for Yamgo.&#8221;

Yamgo has established itself as the market leader in free-to-air mobile television delivering an extensive plus wide-ranging catalogue of live channels and also video on demand to any specific mobile device worldwide.

The Yamgo platform delivers to all types of mobile handsets along with tablets, including iPhone, iPad Jose Fernando Cuadrado Colombia Jersey , Android, Nokia along with Blackberry and viewers are able to enjoy an expanding mix of programming, that includes news, sports, music, lifestyle, Bollywood Jefferson Lerma Colombia Jersey , movies plus entertainment.

Tim Emmett, whose most recent accomplishment was completing the world&#8217;s steepest ice climb, the 400ft Spray On route at Helmcken Falls, British Columbia, is definitely the latest icon to be associated with the Yamgo network joining globally established brands such as Fashion TV, Russia Today, Bella Club and even Zee Entertainment.

&#8220;I am still in a state of excitement after Spray On James Rodriguez Colombia Jersey ,&#8221; said Yamgo athlete Tim Emmett, &#8220;I feel very fortunate to have partners like Yamgo by my side, supporting me at every stage. I travel across the world seeking the biggest and also best challenges and even I am excited to be partnering with Yamgo, the market leader in live mobile television, a company who share my global commitment.&#8221;

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Re: ASHINGTON Radamel Falcao Colombia Jersey
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Data: 01 sie 2020 - 03:40:19

Re: ASHINGTON Radamel Falcao Colombia Jersey
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