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Daily routine. Konspekt lekcji języka angielskiego na okres bezpodręcznikowy

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Konspekt lekcji języka angielskiego, którą można wykorzystać w okresie bezpodręcznikowym jako powtórzenie wiadomości

Daily routine.

Level: Elementary
Target group: This is a writing activity for groups of two. Students have to work out a description of Peter's daily routine using the words given.
Type of activity: Reading and writing.
Preparation: Write the words on the board. In class, pair the students
and ask them to sit facing each other. Give them dictionaries.
1 Explain to the students that they have to write about Peter's Sunday routine using first, then, after that and the verbs from the list. Make sure they put the verbs in the correct tense. Their writings should express positive feelings about
family, school and society. The students can introduce their own ideas.
2 Be everywhere you can in the room helping. When they have finished, tell them to find another group and to compare their story.
3 Ask one or two of the groups to read out their story. Other students should listen to them and correct their mistakes.
4 For homework, the students could write their story beginning like this:
Last Saturday, I woke up at......

List of verbs:

make his bed
have breakfast
have lunch
have dinner
get dressed
go to church
brush his teeth
help his mum in the kitchen
prepare for school
watch TV
ride his bicycle
play football
surf the net
meet his friends
walk in the park
visit his grandparents
take a shower
go to bed

On Sunday morning, Peter wakes up at about 9:00. First, he...

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