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The Buccaneers fell to 5-10
Autor: laiyongcai92 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 15 maj 2019 - 09:26:20

on Sunday with a 27-20 road loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Tampa Bay outplayed its opponent for most of the day Jason Pierre-Paul Jersey , but penalties and turnovers prevented Dirk Koetter and his team from playing spoiler. With just one week left in the 2018 season, the Bucs are seemingly headed for another last-place finish in the NFC South. There have been plenty of negatives to go through all year, but this Buccaneers of the Week series aims to highlight the more notable performers in each game. Let&#8217;s get going with our top guys from week 16.5. Jameis Winston (One point)Deciding whether or not to place Jameis Winston on this week&#8217;s list took some significant time. Overall, his performance and the lack of any other standouts in the game led to his inclusion. The numbers for the 24-year-old quarterback look pretty good for the most part. He completed 34 of his 48 passes for 336 yards and a touchdown. That was the good. Putting up those numbers against a defense like the one Dallas has isn&#8217;t very easy. Plus, Winston did all of that while missing some open throws. His offensive line was virtually no help throughout the day, so the fact that he played the way he did against that defense was encouraging.There were some positives, but Winston also was charged with two costly turnovers that led to 14 points for the Cowboys. The first was a fumble that came outside the pocket, with Winston looking to scramble before being blindsided and stripped of the ball. That fumble was returned 69 yards for a touchdown. He later was charged with another fumble on a bad exchange with Bobo Wilson. It can be debated whether or not that fumble was on him, but it set Dallas up for another score regardless. It&#8217;s hard to say Winston was one of the top players in this game when two of his plays, plus his mismanagement of the clock, negatively impacted the final score for Tampa Bay. But the fact of the matter is, the rest of the team failed to do anything too noteworthy to replace him at the No. 5 spot. His effort may not wholly deserve it, but Winston is awarded with one point this week. 4. Carlton Davis (Two points)This is just the second appearance on this list for Carlton Davis. It comes after the rookie cornerback quietly had a very good game against one of the hotter receivers in the NFL right now. Davis&#8217; numbers weren&#8217;t too flashy, as he recorded just two tackles (one solo), with one going for a loss. But what he did in coverage was impressive. Tasked with defending Amari Cooper for much of the day, the former Auburn Tiger more than held his own. Cooper finished the day with four catches for 20 yards on just five targets. Davis also forced a fumble, though Tampa Bay failed to recover it.Sunday really wasn&#8217;t a bad day for the Tampa Bay defense. It allowed 20 points, though seven came on a drive that started inside the 10-yard line. Three more came on a 59-yard field goal that capped a five-yard drive. The Bucs were constantly putting their defense in tough positions throughout the day, but the unit responded pretty well. Davis&#8217; play in the passing game was part of a wider effort that saw Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott throw for just 161 yards. Davis did his part in keeping Cooper in check, which is good enough for two points in this week&#8217;s standings.3. Vita Vea (Three points)There aren&#8217;t too many guys on this Bucs roster that have displayed such visible improvement this season like Vita Vea has. The 2018 first-rounder missed significant time in August and September, leaving him behind in his first NFL season. However, he has slowly but surely developed into a pretty good player in a short amount of time. In recent weeks, he has been putting his power and raw talent on full display. In Sunday&#8217;s loss to Dallas, Vea finished with three tackles (two solo) and a sack. He would have had two sacks on the day if not for what looked to be an inadvertent facemask. Of course, whether it was inadvertent or not doesn&#8217;t change the fact that it should be called, but it seemed like a sure sack before his arm reached up and landed on Dak Prescott&#8217;s facemask. With the benefit of more snaps each week, Vea is figuring out how to play in this league. His power is more than apparent, as you can see him getting significant push on a lot of plays. Some of those pressures that he comes up with won&#8217;t show up on a stat sheet, but they will impact a game. His first sack was important in that it ended any hopes of a last-second field goal to close the half for the Cowboys, but one other specific pressure ended a Dallas drive early in the third quarter. Vea pushed his man into Prescott, causing an errant throw on third down. That kind of stuff can easily be forgotten. The Washington product is playing well right now, earning three points in these standings for a second straight week.2. Mike Evans (Four points)There was definitely a back-and-forth between the top two spots on this week&#8217;s list, so any disagreements with Mike Evans being No. 2 are expected. The star receiver caught six passes for 90 yards and a touchdown in the loss, finishing the day five yards shy of breaking Tampa Bay&#8217;s record for receiving yards in a single season. Add to that the fact that he was reportedly sick throughout the game and you have a gutsy, inspiring performance.

Re: The Buccaneers fell to 5-10
Autor: Mariablack24x7 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 15 maj 2019 - 14:23:56

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Re: The Buccaneers fell to 5-10
Autor: aashirana4uu (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 16 maj 2019 - 19:00:11

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