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Five yards was all that George Kittle m
Autor: panxing18 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 15 mar 2019 - 07:32:18

issed for the record for receiving yards in a game by a tight end. Kittle was at his mesmerizing best on Sunday Richard Sherman Color Rush Jersey , leading the 49ers to a win over the Denver Broncos 20-14 to get their 3rd win of the season. The 49ers went into halftime up 20-0 and were playing well on both sides of the ball. In the 2nd half, the Broncos made adjustments that helped them get back in the game and the 49ers could not sustain any offensive drives to kill the game off. In the end, the 49ers defense held the Broncos on 2 separate 4th down plays to seal the 49ers&#8217; 3rd win.George Kittle had a half of football for the ages. He had all 210 yards receiving in the 1st half. He had a huge 85 yard catch and run that gave the 49ers a 13-0 lead. Kittle had 3 catches of over 30 yards. The Denver defense had no answer for him and Nick Mullens took advantage. Kittle needed just 5 yards in the 2nd half to pass Shannon Sharpe for most receiving yards in a game by a tight end. Unfortunately , he only had one target in the 2nd half. Kittle currently has 1,103 yards receiving for the season and is putting himself in the best tight end in the NFL conversation.Dante Pettis and Jeff Wilson Jr. both had a good games as well. Dante played 61 snaps and caught another touchdown pass. He is 2nd on the 49ers with 363 receiving yards and the last few games has shown the ability the 49ers drafted him for. Jeff had 90 yards rushing on 23 carries. Having Jeff play well gives the 49ers good problems heading to next season. Matt Breida was shining until going out injured and they expect Jerick McKinnon to be ready by training camp. Having 3 solid backs gives Kyle a few weapons to use for the future. 49ers linksSo close | Just missing a record (Gantt)He&#8217;s one of the top TEs in the game | Kittle&#8217;s big day (Chichester)Questions answered (Inman)Win for Tony York (Martin)Good to see him shine | Jeff Wilson taking advantage of his opportunities (Maiocco)Snap count numbers (Maiocco)Robbie Gould up for award (Fann)Good to see him play well after having a couple of tough seasons | Arik Armstead playing much better this season (Gayle)Vernon Davis praises Kittle (Madson)Kyle Shanahan mic&#8217;d up (Madson)Salary cap going up (Madson)Over $65 million to work with | 49ers will have a good amount of salary cap room (Madson)Impressive 49ers (Martin)Roster needs (Biderman)Tuesday&#8217;s roster moves (49ers staff)Welcome to the team Tyree | Tyree Robinson (Williams)Niners grab a new safety (Inman)Grabbing a safety off the Cowboys&#8217; practice squad (Maiocco)Playing well and making a case for being Jimmy&#8217;s backup next season | Nick Mullens (Cohn)Continues to show his ability to separate from defenders | Dante Pettis (Chan)Frank Clark responds to Richard Sherman&#8217;s comment (Chan)Could be the end of his 49ers career as well | Garcon&#8217;s season is over (Madson)Big jump in the power ranking (Madson) The number one sport in America? Football. The number two sport in America? Waiting for football to start. We are all now waiting for football to start again. The NFL has succeeded in making itself a year-round event. That means we get to start prepping for the NFL Combine and eventually the draft just as the season closes.I&#8217;m full of anticipation because all through 2018 I kept wondering about what could have been. I do think the 49ers had a lot of success, they just didn&#8217;t win a lot of games. A lot of what happened on the injury front gave younger players a chance to start and get a look that wouldn&#8217;t have been possible had the starters stayed in. And after seeing all those glimpses Mike Person Jersey , you couldn&#8217;t help but wonder what this would be like with the healthy players back also. The 49ers have a downright lethal tandem in Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida for 2019, their backup quarterback situation couldn&#8217;t be better, and their wide receiver group has shown vast improvement. They need a few more pieces and I think they&#8217;re going to be really Patrick Willis Color Rush Jersey , really good. Well, that and staying healthy could help. In any case, it&#8217;s time to watch the offseason unfold. Let&#8217;s wait for football to start. You never know how great it is , until the first week in February when it&#8217;s gone. Super Bowl winners by player: Who has the most rings in NFL history? (Sporting News)Super Bowl 53: Joe Montana depicted in unrealistic way during commercial (Maiocco)49ers&#8217; Kyle Shanahan and the red zone: A story with few points (Branch)Five obstacles in Raiders&#8217; planned path to Giants&#8217; ballpark (Inman)Top-10 interior defensive linemen set to enter free agency in 2019 (Pro Football Focus)Bill Belichick Stands Athwart The Future (Ratto)

Re: Five yards was all that George Kittle m
Autor: Mariablack24x7 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 18 mar 2019 - 13:18:00

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Re: Five yards was all that George Kittle m
Autor: pcollins1777 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 19 kwi 2019 - 11:49:30

Re: Five yards was all that George Kittle m
Autor: Fahrani (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 24 kwi 2019 - 08:43:46

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