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They have won four straight games
Autor: panxing18 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 11 lut 2019 - 09:50:06

The Seattle Seahawks are on a roll lately.and at 8-5 hold the top wild card berth in the NFC. If they beat the San Francisco 49ers this weekend Nick Mullens Color Rush Jersey , Seattle will clinch a playoff berth. If they win and the Minnesota Vikings lose, they clinch the fifth seed. They won&#8217;t surpass the division-winning Los Angeles Rams, but they have a chance to head into the playoffs with some momentum.I chatted with Field Gulls editor Kenneth Arthur this week. This is the second time in three weeks the 49ers and Seahawks are squaring off, so we wanted to shake things up a bit with our questions for each other. I decided to mix in some questions about how this team has gotten to where it is, and what the coming offseason holds.Prior to Jimmy Garoppolo&#8217;s injury, it felt like the general thoughts was that the Seahawks would be competing with the 49ers for second place behind the Rams. LA entered the season as the heavy favorite in the NFC West, while the 49ers were expected by most outsiders to take a step back.Seattle struggled out of the gate before finding their footing. The o-line improved Roger Craig Jersey , Russell Wilson is doing his thing, the run game has looked dominant, and their defense has rounded into form. I asked Kenneth how much of the team&#8217;s recent success he attributes to the players, how much he attributes to Pete Carroll and whatever philosophy/scheme/etc he brings to the table, and how much he attributes to something else.I also asked Kenneth what he thought the Seahawks needed to address this offseason. It&#8217;s not at all surprising that like much of the league, he thinks the Seahawks will look for help at edge rusher. You can never have too many good pass rushers, and the Seahawks will look to find a complement for Frank Clark (assuming they re-sign him!).What do you think the Seahawks ceiling is this year , and what about their window for the next couple seasons? On the former, if they get in the playoffs, anything is possible. That being said, I see them most likely as a team that has a very good shot of winning a road wild card game, but probably losing a close one to the Rams or Saints in the divisional round.As to the latter, that&#8217;s a tough one. If Jimmy Garoppolo is 100 percent next year and stays healthy, the 49ers will likely be in the thick of the playoff push. It remains to be seen how they&#8217;ll compete with the Rams Ronnie Lott Color Rush Jersey , but they will at least be a wild card contender. But where will Seattle be in that? I don&#8217;t see them dropping out of wild card contention the next couple years, but it will be that much tougher for them. The San Francisco 49ers stunned the Seattle Seahawks in overtime, improving to 4-10 with a 26-23 win. The 49ers snapped a ten-game losing streak in a game that saw them put up a strong defensive effort and get another impressive performance from Nick Mullens.Responses to the win are mixed. On the one hand, the 49ers finally beat Seattle, on the other hand, they hurt their draft positioning. I get why people are a little put off by that, but honestly , it&#8217;s hard for me to not be happy about this win. They put together a strong performance against a long-time rival, and kept said rival from clinching a playoff berth. The Seahawks will likely clinch a playoff berth in the next two weeks, but I&#8217;m entertained at put-off Seahawks fans for the time being.For one day, the 49ers put together a great effort to handle their business against the Seahawks. We can argue the rest of the season and into the offseason whether or not this is something the 49ers will be able to build on vs. what it costs them in the draft. But for today, I&#8217;m enjoying this.

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