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Data: 11 sty 2019 - 09:02:55

The Denver Broncos don't have much time to wallow in their misery this week."The great thing about it is we have a game on Thursday Authentic Todd Gurley Jersey , so we can't get caught up in this game," Von Miller said after the Broncos lost their fourth straight , 23-20 to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday when Todd Gurley ran over them for a career-high 208 yards and two TDs on 28 carries.The battered Broncos (2-4) visit ailing Arizona (1-5) on Thursday night in a matchup of two of the NFL's worst teams."It's tough, but that's the perfect cure for us," embattled Broncos coach Vance Joseph said. "We've lost four in a row, have a chance to play in four days and get a win. That's important for our team."There were nearly 10,000 no-shows on a frigid afternoon at Mile High with a game-time temperature of 25 degrees following an overnight snowstorm, and it was the "sunny L.A. boys " as Broncos nose tackle Domata Peko called them last week, who handled the wintry weather better than the Broncos."It goes to show you that we can come and play in different elements," Rams receiver Brandin Cooks said. "I think that is a huge confidence boost for our team, to come out here in the snow and do what we did."Those who were in attendance let the home team have it after another mistake-filled performance in which cornerback Bradley Roby got burned again and left tackle Garett Bolles squelched yet another scoring opportunity with yet another holding call.The Broncos were booed off the field in the first half following Bolles' NFL-worst sixth hold of the season &#8212; he led the league last year with 10 of them.Quarterback Case Keenum drew the fans' ire after his eighth interception and a 14-yard sack by Aaron Donald when he had plenty of time to throw the ball away after leaving the pocket.The crowd cheered wildly when his backup, Chad Kelly, made his NFL debut, going in for a kneel-down at the end of the first half while Keenum was being checked out for a possible concussion."Yeah, I've heard it. It's not the first time that the crowd's been unhappy with what's going on on the field," said Keenum Todd Gurley Jersey Elite , who was cleared and played the entire second half. "They should be (ticked). I'm (ticked). We have to do better."Keenum has already thrown one more interception than he did last season in Minnesota and he's the only quarterback in the league who has had a pass picked off every game so far.Don't expect Kelly to supplant Keenum anytime soon, though."No. Case is our quarterback," Joseph insisted. "He did some good things today. It wasn't obviously perfect, but he moved the ball. Again, we had a chance to get 10 more points there. We got two holding penalties, and Emmanuel (Sanders)' penalty. We all can play better. It's been four in a row. We can all play better."Other takeaways from the Broncos' continued foibles and the Rams' first 6-0 start since 2001:COSTLIEST FLAGEmmanuel Sanders' taunting call on what he thought was a 44-yard TD catch hurt the Broncos when a review showed he was actually down at the 1. The 15-yard penalty, instead of being enforced on the kickoff, pushed the Broncos back to the 16. They ended up with a field goal instead of seven points &#8212; which would have made all the difference."I guess this loss is on me," Sanders said.KUPP SCARERams receiver Cooper Kupp was carted off the field with a left knee injury after being taken down on a horse-collar tackle by Broncos safety Darian Stewart in the second quarter. Kupp, however, made a surprising return in the second half."It is one of those things where you look at that and get worried real quick," Cooks said. "I just said a prayer."Kupp said he didn't begrudge Stewart, either."I know he wasn't doing it with any kind of malice or anything like that," Kupp said. "He checked on me during the game, and when I came out there in the second half he asked if I was good."Rams coach Sean McVay said Kupp and guard Roger Saffold III (knee) would be re-evaluated Monday.JUST GLOVELYRams QB Jared Goff went with gloves on both hands in the chilly conditions. He completed 14 of 28 passes for 201 yards and an interception on his 24th birthday."It's kind of a give-and-take and I felt more comfortable with them," Goff said.Goff was sacked five times , including three by rookie linebacker Bradley Chubb. It&#8217;s not common to hear the phrase &#8220;leave the politics out of my sports&#8221; in comment threads all over the internet. And this sentiment makes sense on a macro level &#8212; the world feels extremely chaotic right now and the idea of slipping away from reality to enjoy a football game is like a warm bath of comfort. The NFL has had some backlash over the past couple of season for being &#8220;too political&#8221; with the protests to police brutality. And the NFL has paid the price with many fans turning their backs in record numbers. However, as much as we wish the existence of the Los Angeles Rams was an apolitical thing that didn't have any connection to reality... it&#8217;s just not true.Everything is political. Football is political. Right now, the Rams are political.The LA Rams are currently facing the realities of two events head-on that have major political ramifications &#8212; a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California that was roughly four miles from their practice facility and significant wildfires that are ravaging the same area, displacing thousands from their homes and even making it so that the Rams can&#8217;t practice. This is going to be a big part of their season personally, beyond the wins and losses that comes from the games. Though Coach Sean McVay gave out the tried and true &#8220;thoughts and prayers&#8221; line for reporters, he then said something a little more revealing:&#8220;It&#8217;s something that makes you step back and gives you a perspective,&#8221; McVay said. &#8220;I know me personally, I&#8217;m very guilty of losing perspective, because you&#8217;re just in your own little world and it&#8217;s all football, all the time, and then you have things like this that occur and re-gather your priorities and your perspective on what&#8217;s really important, and (serve as a reminder to) not to get bent out of shape on some of the things that maybe I tend to do, just being in the role that I&#8217;m in.&#8221;McVay doesn&#8217;t feel like a guy who is going to say anything close to political at all, so just the admission that he&#8217;s been rattled by this tragedy is telling. The Rams are part of this community and it&#8217;s not always going to be about football. LT Andrew Whitworth had this to say about the shooting in Thousand Oaks that left 13 people dead.&#8220;I just don&#8217;t believe that sitting there wondering is the best way,&#8221; Whitworth said. &#8220;Find a way to put your feet on the ground and take action and get involved in some way.&#8221;Whitworth is basically saying that the team feels for the community and wants to offer their love and support. There&#8217;s a level of horror that these players are feeling about the death toll that struck so close to their home at the same time that many of these players have been forced to evacuate their own homes due to the fires. I wonder if , and this is a big if, the players&#8217; rage and feeling of helplessness will extend to a bigger step in becoming more proactive in making change in their community. Gun control is obviously a topic that the NFL wants no part of &#8212; it would alienate even more fans in a negative way and I&#8217;m sure Roger Goodell is begging every player to say &#8220;thoughts and prayers&#8221; and move on. But as the Rams players step forward to become part of the recovery effort, they are going to see first-hand how devastating this tragedy really was. And to be clear: I&#8217;m not saying that Rams players are going to be pushing for stricter gun control because a mass shooting happened near them; but for change to happen, community leaders need to feel the effects of a problem and right now, the Rams are horrified by what happened in their home town, which is also coincidentally a raging inferno.The effects of climate change has struck once again in the southland, burning up acres of land, including many of the homes of the coaches and players for the Rams. But this is just part of living in Southern California, right? Well, it didn&#8217;t used to be, but things change. And maybe the next thing to change will be more players speaking up about it. Owners, NFL executives, and many fans don&#8217;t want the players to speak up because of the simple truth that it&#8217;s messy. Toes will get stepped on. But we&#8217;re already down the rabbit-hole &#8212; maybe toes should get stepped on until the chaos slows down. The world is on fire and it&#8217;s not a game anymore. Meanwhile, the LA Rams are right in the middle of it.

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