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Cowboys Poll: Who do you blame for the disappointing offense
Autor: panxing18 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 07 lis 2018 - 02:46:11

The Cowboys&#8217; season opener in Carolina came and went , and Dallas left the field with a 16-8 loss. The main talking point around the game was how terrible the Cowboys&#8217; offense was. Naturally, the losses of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten were expected to present an adjustment period for the passing game, and Travis Frederick&#8217;s absence leaves a big, bearded hole in the offensive line no matter how well Joe Looney may have played. The Cowboys still have a lot of offensive weapons, though, the biggest being Ezekiel Elliott. He only carried the ball 15 times and got 69 yards off of it, with a touchdown on a well-executed speed option play. Dak Prescott, who spent most of the summer refining his footwork and mechanics as this offense was reshaped to become more &#8220;Dak-friendly,&#8221; struggled mightily. When he didn&#8217;t have defenders breathing down his neck (he was sacked six times) he was under-throwing receivers or not picking out the open receivers. He averaged 5.9 yards per pass attempt and failed to score aside from his scramble for a two-point conversion. From a play-calling perspective, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan started things off with a very diverse selection of plays: screens, bootlegs, split zones, and much more. The problem was that most of it didn&#8217;t work Youth Terrance Williams Jersey , or that the plays were negated by penalties. Things started picking up later on when Linehan began calling more conservative and traditional types of plays, but also when he started to spread the Carolina defense out. Nevertheless, an offense with so much potential was limited to eight points and 232 total yards of offense. So we ask the question:Week 6 Power Rankings: The world reacts to Dallas punting on fourth down in overtime Tuesdays during the season mean a lot of things, for example yesterday was Monday.Something else Tuesdays bring besides the second day of the work week is power rankings. Outlets from all across the world wide web rank NFL teams in various but often similar orders. You can see how the Cowboys fared last week right here if you&#8217;d like.How did the world rank the Cowboys this week? Where do they think we fall? A loss on primetime in overtime after a much-debated punt decision surely isn&#8217;t going to help. Here we go.SB Nation: 28th, previously 24thOnly the Giants, Bills, Raiders, and Cardinals are worse than the Cowboys according to our friends at SB Nation, and right now is that super unfair to say?The offense in Dallas is bad like almost no other. Bottom of the barrel is harsh, but many would say 23rd, previously 22nd They think Dallas should have gone for it on fourth down, they think it quite emphatically.ESPN: 25th, previously 21stNot only is the worldwide leader down on who the Cowboys currently are Youth Zack Martin Jersey , but they&#8217;re not optimistic about things in the future for Dallas either.Sports Illustrated: 20th, previously 19thSI offers a bit more information in their rankings and one of the more interesting details is what the highest-place vote each team got was. Somebody in their voting pool actually voted the Cowboys as the 16th-best team in the NFL at the moment. Seriously.This ranking is without question the most generous of them all, but maybe Sports Illustrated sees something that nobody else does. Maybe? USA Today: 26th, previously 22ndThere are plenty of punt-related comments, as you likely imagined.Bleacher Report: 24th, previously 22ndIt&#8217;s well-documented how bad the Cowboys offense is, it&#8217;s also quite apparent what their entire game plan is as well.This is a week to week league, and if the Cowboys come out and beat the Jaguars this Sunday things might change a bit in Week 7&#8217;s power rankings; however, there&#8217;s a whole lot of if for that to happen.When a moment like the Cowboys choosing to punt happens it&#8217;s what people pounce on and latch on to. It&#8217;s arguably the most-questioned decision across the National Football League this season.Please be kinder to us, Week 6.

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