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Bosideng ranked first in China's textile and garment industry
Autor: onlylove11 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 11 lis 2017 - 03:33:38

Bosideng ranked first in China's textile and garment industry
Content December 14, AQSIQ and China Association of Brand-building jointly released CCTV CCTV 2014 results of the evaluation of China's brand value, the assessment Bosideng brand brand strength of 918.00, the brand value reached 19.749 billion yuan, ranked China's textile and apparel Industry Sac de voyage femme first. Bosideng brand since its inception in 1992, out of a private enterprise implementation of brand strategy success. Bosideng from only 8 sets of sewing machine village sewing group developed chaussure nike air max 97 into the world's largest and most technologically advanced down garment manufacturers, 19 consecutive years of national product sales ahead, the only representative of China's winter clothes to the world the release air max 2015 of fashion trends, brand Botas cortas UGG Combined market share of the country's down jacket market share of half. Through the continuous establishment of the brand image, Bosideng becomes scarpe asics the only company in the domestic consumer goods field to take the 'China World Famous Brand', 'National Quality Award' and 'China Industrial Award'. In recent years, Bosideng has established the international standard of 'GB / T29188-2012' with reference to the requirements of the international standard 'Brand Evaluation - Brand Monetary Value Evaluation Requirements' (ISO10668) and the national standard of brand value evaluation 'Multi-cycle Brand Surveying of Brand Evaluation' Brand building standard system, strengthen brand michael kors bags management, establish a sound 'brand management system' and 'brand culture construction and management regulations' and other brand management system, pay close attention to the brand positioning to product positioning, channel positioning and other aspects of the brand's performance and Brand positioning consistent, more clear positioning of each brand, the target consumer groups locked more correctly. At the scene of yesterday's announcement, Bosideng Chairman canada goose pas cher homme Gao Dekang held dialogues and discussions with participants on the issues of brand value evaluation, brand development and the upgrading of China's economy, sharing Bosideng's approach of enhancing brand value. High Dekang believes that for a business, the brand not only means that the market share, but also means that survival and development. When the market enters the stage of 'brand consumption' from 'consumption of goods', raising the brand value and influence has become the vantage point that market competitors must contend for. Statement: Above Bosideng listed in the top content of China's textile and apparel industry by the 'Content Department of China Garment Network' collected from cheap luxury bags the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, once Check, we will immediately change! page flip

Content Fiscal 2015 closed more than 5,000 outlets
Autor: onlylove11 (IP zapamiętane)
Data: 11 lis 2017 - 03:35:43

Bosideng store adjustment strategy is still continuing from the retail transformation retail mode
Content Fiscal 2015 closed more than 5,000 outlets, based on well-known fashion brand Bosideng store adjustment strategy continues. Recently, Bosideng official said the future Bosideng will continue to adjust the terminal stores this year will achieve the unity of the national price tag, while the company will also adhere to the multi-brand and four seasons strategy. Not long ago, Bosideng's FY 2015 (as of March 31, 2015) annual report showed that both Bosch revenue and net profit fell sharply. Operating income decreased by 23.6% from RMB8,238 million in the previous year and net profit dropped from RMB695 million to RMB132 million, a decrease of 80.97%. Bosideng explained that the main reason for Bosideng's decline in revenue and profit last year was that the Group made headway in clearing inventory and optimizing its network, reducing production and substantially closing down less-than-ideal stores. Indeed, in the context of the traditional garment enterprises have closed shop, Bosideng's clearance is still significant margin. Earnings reports, Bosideng fiscal year closed a total of 5133 outlets, of which 1355 self-operated outlets, third-party distributors operating 3778 outlets. As of March 31, 2015, there are 7982 Bosideng outlets. Why Bosideng stores so great adjustments? The person in charge said Bosideng decisively adjusted stores because the company wants to shift from the traditional wholesale business model to a more close to the market and consumer retail model. The woman chief said that in the past the clothing business to wholesale-based business model, manage their own production, and then wholesale the product to the dealer, who chaussure nike air max 97 is responsible for retail. This mode of business on the shop display, site selection, service, etc. can not be a good grasp. But as consumers demand more and more, businesses need more control over the market. So, she added, 'We did not sell well and we closed some direct stores.' According to the reporter, Bosideng has Botas cortas UGG been implementing channel optimization strategies since 2013 and continues to increase the proportion of directly-operated stores. Take the down jacket business as an example. In fiscal 2014, Bosideng's down jacket business scarpe asics accounted for 32.8% of self-operated online stores, up from 38.3% in FY15. At the same time, Bosideng is also increasing its control over distribution outlets. Bosideng said: 'We can cut off shops that sell poorly or operate irregularities. Some shops that are underperforming but manageable, we will improve through training and education. If we fail to meet the training target, we will close the door 'According to reports, in the store management, Bosideng will have sales subsidiaries throughout the regulatory. However, in the shop adjustment, Bosideng said there is no digital indicators. In the specific store planning process, you need to understand the market step by step to do it. Of course, Bosideng's transformation plan is much more than that. It is understood that, in order to better realize the role of their retailers, Bosideng this year will be the price of the national garment tag unified. 'Although Bosideng also has a uniform pricing, but there is room canada goose pas cher homme for price adjustment around the country, resulting in the price is not uniform across the country.' The above said. Reporter visited Bosideng Beijing Xidan flagship store found that although the shop posted 399,499,599 yuan and other prices, but a lot of down tag does not have the price, many consumers have to ask the clerk price. In the non-down jacket plate, China Commercial Daily reporter found that the shop 'Bosideng' part of the product there is the price tag unclear, and even the price chaos. To a spring and summer of 2015, Ms. Black T-shirt, for example, did not indicate the price tag on the clothes, after consulting air max 2015 the clerk that the price is 168 yuan, while the reporter saw from Bosideng official flagship store, which price of 249 yuan of goods, Price 125 yuan. Bosideng said that in the future Bosideng's new products will be sold online and offline at a unified price across the country. However, there may be price differences in inventory, such as online prices, which may be different when the michael kors bags product is promoted or engaged in activities. In addition, multi-brand and four seasons is still the future direction of the transformation of Bosideng. Bosideng said the above person said that in the long run, from the single product category down jacket to diversified products and brands is an inevitable direction of development, so Bosideng will be gradually to the four seasons and multi-brand slowly. It is understood that since last year, Bosideng relocated its four major down jackets brands and branding, including Bingjie and Hongbo brand relocated to regional brands, Bosideng and snow flying brands will continue to be a national brand. In the four seasons, the above sources, Bosideng Bosideng its current Bosideng men's wear, Mogao two men's brand, respectively, located in business and leisure. In the women's dress, she said, Jesse Womenswear will open up the line to the market in the future by introducing another online parity brand. From a series of moves, Bosideng's determination to transform is quite large, Sac de voyage femme but in the face of 1.909 billion yuan of inventory, its transformation remains to be seen. Statement: The above Bosideng store adjustment strategy continues to shift from wholesale wholesale retail content content from the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the cheap luxury bags Internet, and have clearly sourced the source of the source, if you have any objection to the ownership of this article, Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip

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Data: 16 lis 2017 - 09:27:45

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Re: scarpe nike free
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